PDF | Osteosarcoma (OS), the most common type of primary malignant bone tumor, is defined by the presence of malignant Download full-text PDF. Osteosarcoma is the most common primary malignancy of bone in children and young adults. This tumor has a very heterogeneous genetic profile and lacks any . Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content . Kata kunci: osteosarkoma, limb salvage surgery, amputasi. ABSTRACT.

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Osteosarcoma (OS) is a devastating illness with rapid rates of dissemination and a Keywords: osteosarcoma, soft tissue tumors, bone tumors, cancer therapy. Osteosarcoma (OS) is a primary malignant bone tumor with a worldwide .. one of the femurs and manual resection for the other. They found a. ABSTRAK. Tujuan: menganalisis luaran dan kesintasan pasien-pasien osteosarkoma yang menjalani limb salvage surgery (LSS) dan amputasi di Rumah Sakit.

Teenagers who are active in sports often complain of pain in the lower femur, or immediately below the knee. If the tumor is large, it can present as overt localised swelling. Sometimes a sudden fracture is the first symptom, because the affected bone is not as strong as normal bone and may fracture abnormally with minor trauma. In cases of more deep-seated tumors that are not as close to the skin, such as those originating in the pelvis, localised swelling may not be apparent. Causes[ edit ] Several research groups are investigating cancer stem cells and their potential to cause tumors along with genes and proteins causative in different phenotypes. Bone dysplasias, including Paget's disease of bone , fibrous dysplasia , enchondromatosis , and hereditary multiple exostoses , increase the risk of osteosarcoma. Li—Fraumeni syndrome germline TP53 mutation is a predisposing factor for osteosarcoma development. Rothmund—Thomson syndrome i. Large doses of Sr emission from nuclear reactor , nicknamed bone seeker increases the risk of bone cancer and leukemia in animals, and is presumed to do so in people. The beliefs regarding association of fluoride exposure and osteosarcoma stem from a study of US National Toxicology program in , which showed uncertain evidence of association of fluoride and osteosarcoma in male rats. But there is still no solid evidence of cancer-causing tendency of fluoride in mice. It is also deemed as major health success. The result is that the median fluoride concentrations in bone samples of osteosarcoma patients and tumor controls are not significantly different.

The percentage surgery and chemotherapy gave better survival of patients in stage III with metastases who had than chemotherapy only. We confirmed that good and excellent functional status Survival rate On the contrary, only The mortality rate and responsiveness Huvos grading. High mortality rate was those in amputation group.

Patients who did not found in patients with metastases compared to have metastasis and complication tended to have those who did not.

Thus, it is concluded that good and excellent functional scores. Current therapeutic strategies and Metastasis to the lung is the most common. Cancers Basel.

2. Jurnal Osteosarkoma | Metastasis | Chemotherapy

However, metastasis also occur to other bones ;5 2 Neoplasm of musculoskeletal tissues. Textbook of disorder and injuries of musculoskeletal system. In our study, patients undergoing Philadelphia: Lippincott-Williams-Wilkins; Conventional metastasis compared to LSS. This could be due osteosarcoma. World Health Organization Classification of receive complete chemotherapy.


Only Ward 4. J Am Acad et al. Ritter J, Bielack SS. Ann Oncol.

Dorfman H, Czerniak B. Bone tumors. Cancer incidence and higher compared to amputation group Outcomes of local recurrence had worse score. Med J are supported by previous studies that mentioned Indones.

Amputation procedure were better than amputation without and adriamycin in primary osteosarcoma. Clin Orthop affecting the survival rate. Survival associated with low physical function.

Patients data for patients with osteosarcoma treated at one Vol 48 Number 3 July Clinical outcome and survival of osteosarcoma patient institution. Clin Orthop Relat R.

Limb salvage Sociooccupational and physical outcomes more than management of pathologic fractures of primary 20 years after the diagnosis of osteosarcoma in children malignant bone tumors. Cancer Control. Lewis VO.

Management of osteosarcoma

Whats new in musculoskeletal oncology. Aspiration biopsy of primary neoplasms of bone. Bone Joint Surg. Osteosarcoma of the Results in patients preoperatively treated with high doses of methotrexate followed by cisplatin and doxorubicin. Lancet , — A large multi-international randomized study that demonstrated no survival advantage for a multiagent Tbased chemotherapy regimen over a combination of doxorubicin and cisplatin alone.

Chicago, IL; May 31—June 3, A large randomized trial comparing a dose-intense schedule of doxorubicin and cisplatin with a standard schedule. The final results will be published in full imminently.

A Dog in the Cancer Fight: Comparative Oncology in Osteosarcoma

Google Scholar The largest randomized trial of chemotherapy in osteosarcoma. CrossRef Google Scholar J Natl Cancer Inst , — J Immunother Emphasis Tumor Immunol , — Kleinerman ES:Biologic therapy for osteosarcoma using liposome-encapsulated muramyl tripeptide.

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Hematol Clin N Amer , — Huvos AG, Rosen G, Marcove RC:Primary osteogenic sarcoma:pathologic aspects in 20 patients after treatment with chemotherapy, en bloc resection, and prosthetic bone replacement. Arch Pathol Lab Med , — A small but important study investigating the timing of surgery for osteosarcoma.

No advantage for neoadjuvant treatment was seen, but the amputation rate was unacceptably high by current standards. Cancer Treat Res , — Very intensive chemotherapy proved toxic and not obviously superior to standard schedules in this prospective but nonrandomized study. Accessed August 9, Updated information is available about a major international trial between four osteosarcoma study groups. Einhorn S, Strander H:Is interferon tissue specific? The result is that the median fluoride concentrations in bone samples of osteosarcoma patients and tumor controls are not significantly different.

Due to this tendency, high incidence of osteosarcoma is seen in some large dog breeds St. Bernards and Great Danes.

The tumor may be localized at the end of the long bone commonly in the metaphysis. Most often it affects the proximal end of tibia or humerus , or distal end of femur. The tumor is solid, hard, irregular "fir-tree," "moth-eaten", or "sun-burst" appearance on X-ray examination due to the tumor spicules of calcified bone radiating in right angles.

These right angles form what is known as a Codman triangle , which is characteristic but not diagnostic of osteosarcoma. Surrounding tissues are infiltrated. Tumor cells are very pleomorphic anaplastic , some are giant, numerous atypical mitoses. Tumor cells are included in the osteoid matrix.

Depending on the features of the tumor cells present whether they resemble bone cells, cartilage cells, or fibroblast cells , the tumor can be subclassified.

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