4 We are students. Heroes is. English book. 5 My name's Kate. What's name? 2 MARKS Unit Progress test . I 1 in Oxford with my family. Oxford Heroes 1 aracer.mobi - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read we/a lot of books? ✓ Have we got a lot of books? Yes, we have. 1 pencils. Oxford-Heroes-Test-Bookpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Oxford Heroes 1 Test Book

Oxford Heroes 1 Tests: Answer key. Oxford University Press. Unit 1 Test. 1. 1 Is Crystalia a magic place? . 2 Are there any books on the shelf? No, there aren't. Oxford Heroes: the fast-paced English course for young teenagers. Student's Book and MultiROM Pack; Teacher's Book; Workbook; Class Audio CDs. Tests 42 pages Oxford Heroes is a fast-paced English course for young teenagers, that develops all four skills through Oxford Heroes 1 Student's Book. pdf.

Tess of the d'Urbervilles, title page of the edition Phase the First: The Maiden 1—11 [ edit ] The novel is set in impoverished rural England, Thomas Hardy's fictional Wessex , during the Long Depression of the s. Tess is the oldest child of John and Joan Durbeyfield, uneducated peasants. However, John is given the impression by Parson Tringham that he may have noble blood, as "Durbeyfield" is a corruption of "D'Urberville", the surname of an extinct noble Norman family. Knowledge of this immediately goes to John's head. That same day, Tess participates in the village May Dance , where she meets Angel Clare, youngest son of Reverend James Clare, who is on a walking tour with his two brothers.

Jenny played the piano and Lisa played homework. The Junior Eurovision song contest the violin. We 4 the music a lot. The contest 3 We at school last week. I was very holiday in France. There was some great music! They were at a restaurant.

Write the answers. Was the contest in Copenhagen? She sings well. Look at the? He ate a sandwich. I saw it at the cinema last year. It was really.

I learned a lot. Nothing happened! All the athletes ran very fast. I1 go to the zoo with my dad on Saturday. I 2 wear my new jeans and a T-shirt because it was very sunny and James Where 1 you this morning? We 4 see a lot of interesting Will 3 at the cinema with my animals. We 5 have a great time. Will No, he 5. Use the words in the box and the past simple.

What do you want to be? The eleven years old. I love music! I exam and I passed. My can try again next year! My aunt is a from my school. We were in a usually like quiz shows, but this music teacher and she taught junior music contest on was good fun! I answered a lot me. Last year I took an exam. Saturday afternoon. Mum and of the questions! Grammar I went shopping on Saturday with my friend, Julie.

Use the sports shop in our town. I bought comparative form of the adjectives. Julie bought some sunglasses. They in Greece. Unit 12 Test Holidays in the future 1 be Grammar amazing! It 2 be sunny all the time! Use going to. A computer will drive the car for us.

Write the correct words. Use comparative and superlative adjectives. He stay at home this evening Rover and study.

Tell us about your favourite programme Roundabout This is a programme for young people and it has In August the three presenters went on safari. Yesterday they went for a walk in the They showed us some very old tennis clothes from jungle. They took big backpacks and wore the s. It was really warm and sunny. There were George was the third presenter. Yesterday he went lots of animals and it was quite scary! In next to a science museum.

Computers will drive cars in the future. Machines in the back of the seats will also provide video games. Yes, she has. Yes, he has. Units Progress test 3 Have Oliver and Vicky got rollerblades? Vocabulary Yes, they have.

Grammar 10 1 stickers 5 2 band 1 is 3 bike 2 are 4 goldfish 3 are 4 am 5 Is. Units Progress test 7 1 What sports do you play? Yes, there is. Units Progress test 7 1 Is there any milk?

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Vocabulary Yes, there is. Her family shares a 1 carrots bathroom with some other families. It is in January or February. There are fireworks in the 5 fruit juice streets. Units Progress test 4 Are you lying on the beach? Vocabulary 5 Is he wearing a T-shirt?

They played football. He watched a film. Units Progress test 7 1 went Vocabulary 2 wore 3 left 1 4 saw 1 harmonica 5 had 2 keyboards 3 violin 8 4 drums 1 Did your sister download a DVD 5 saxophone yesterday?

Yes, she did. Units Progress test 4 The Nile is the longest river in the world. Oxford Heroes 1 Tests. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Never Split the Difference: Hidden Figures: Elon Musk: The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

A Memoir Based on a True Story. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. Grammar 10 1 stickers 5 2 band 1 is 3 bike 2 are 4 goldfish 3 are 4 am 5 Is 6 1 Have you got a lizard? Answer key Units Progress test 7 1 What sports do you play? Answer key Units Progress test 7 1 Is there any milk? Answer key Units Progress test 4 Are you lying on the beach? Answer key Units Progress test 7 1 went Vocabulary 2 wore 3 left 1 4 saw 1 harmonica 5 had 2 keyboards 3 violin 8 4 drums 1 Did your sister download a DVD 5 saxophone yesterday?

Answer key Units Progress test 4 The Nile is the longest river in the world. More From JuniorDalcol. Popular in Music. Chen, J. Neuroimage, 32 4 , Mike Olivares Olavarria. Daniel Alejandro Chinchilla. Esmael Prado. Daniel F. Isabela Castilho. Although Tess tells them about her fear that he might try to seduce her, her parents encourage her to accept the job, secretly hoping that Alec might marry her. Tess dislikes Alec but endures his persistent unwanted attention to earn enough to replace her family's horse.

Despite his often cruel and manipulative behaviour, the threat that Alec presents to Tess's virtue is sometimes obscured for Tess by her inexperience and almost daily commonplace interactions with him.

Late one night, walking home from town with some other Trantridge villagers, Tess inadvertently antagonizes Car Darch, Alec's most recently discarded favourite, and finds herself in physical danger.

When Alec rides up and offers to "rescue" her from the situation, she accepts. Instead of taking her home, however, he rides through the fog until they reach an ancient grove in a forest called "The Chase", where he informs her that he is lost and leaves on foot to get his bearings.

Alec returns to find Tess asleep, and it is implied that he rapes her. Hambledon Hill towards Stourton Tower Phase the Second: Maiden No More 12—15 [ edit ] Tess goes home to her father's cottage, where she keeps almost entirely to her room, apparently feeling both traumatized and ashamed of having lost her virginity.

The following summer, she gives birth to a sickly boy who lives only a few weeks. On his last night alive, Tess baptises him herself, because her father would not allow the parson to visit, stating that he did not want the parson to "pry into their affairs".


The child is given the name 'Sorrow', but despite the baptism Tess can only arrange his burial in the "shabby corner" of the churchyard reserved for unbaptised infants. Tess adds a homemade cross to the grave with flowers in an empty marmalade jar. Phase the Third: The Rally 16—24 [ edit ] More than two years after the Trantridge debacle, Tess, now twenty, has found employment outside the village, where her past is not known.

She works for Mr. Crick as a milkmaid at Talbothays Dairy. There, she befriends three of her fellow milkmaids, Izz, Retty, and Marian, and meets again Angel Clare, now an apprentice farmer who has come to Talbothays to learn dairy management.

Although the other milkmaids are in love with him, Angel singles out Tess, and the two fall in love. Phase the Fourth: The Consequence 25—34 [ edit ] "He jumped up from his seat His brothers Felix and Cuthbert, both ordained Church of England ministers, note Angel's coarsened manners, while Angel considers them staid and narrow-minded.

The Clares have long hoped that Angel would marry Mercy Chant, a pious schoolmistress, but Angel argues that a wife who knows farm life would be a more practical choice. He tells his parents about Tess, and they agree to meet her.

His father, the Reverend James Clare, tells Angel about his efforts to convert the local populace, mentioning his failure to tame a young miscreant named Alec d'Urberville.

Angel returns to Talbothays Dairy and asks Tess to marry him. This puts Tess in a painful dilemma: Angel obviously thinks her a virgin, and she shrinks from confessing her past. Such is her love for him, though, that she finally agrees to the marriage, pretending that she only hesitated because she had heard he hated old families and thought he would not approve of her d'Urberville ancestry.

However, he is pleased by this news because he thinks it will make their match more suitable in the eyes of his family. As the marriage approaches, Tess grows increasingly troubled. She writes to her mother for advice; Joan tells her to keep silent about her past. Her anxiety increases when a man from Trantridge, named Groby, recognises her and crudely alludes to her history.

Angel overhears and flies into an uncharacteristic rage.

Oxford Heroes 1 Tests [PDF] - Все для студента

Tess, deciding to tell Angel the truth, writes a letter describing her dealings with d'Urberville and slips it under his door. When Angel greets her with the usual affection the next morning, she thinks he has forgiven her; later she discovers the letter under his carpet and realises that he has not seen it. She destroys it. The wedding ceremony goes smoothly, apart from the omen of a cock crowing in the afternoon.

Tess and Angel spend their wedding night at an old d'Urberville family mansion, where Angel presents his bride with diamonds that belonged to his godmother. When he confesses that he once had a brief affair with an older woman in London, Tess finally feels able to tell Angel about Alec, thinking he will understand and forgive. Phase the Fifth: The Woman Pays 35—44 [ edit ] However, Angel is appalled by the revelation, and makes it clear that Tess is reduced in his eyes.

Although he admits that Tess was "more sinned against" than she has sinned herself, he feels that her "want of firmness" confronting Alec may indicate a flaw in her character and that she is no longer the woman he thought she was. He spends the wedding night on a sofa. After a few awkward days, a devastated Tess suggests they separate, saying that she will return to her parents.

Angel gives her some money and promises to try to reconcile himself to her past, but warns her not to try to join him until he sends for her. After a brief visit to his parents, Angel takes a ship to Brazil to see if he can start a new life there. Before he leaves, he encounters Tess's milkmaid friend Izz and impulsively asks her to come with him as his mistress. She accepts, but when he asks her how much she loves him, she admits "Nobody could love 'ee more than Tess did!

She would have laid down her life for 'ee. I could do no more! Tess returns home for a time. However, she soon runs out of money, having to help out her parents more than once. Finding her life with them unbearable, she decides to join Marian at a starve-acre farm called Flintcomb-Ash; they are later joined by Izz. On the road, she is again recognised and insulted by Groby, who later turns out to be her new employer. At the farm, the three former milkmaids perform hard physical labour. One winter day, Tess attempts to visit Angel's family at the parsonage in Emminster, hoping for practical assistance.

As she nears her destination, she encounters Angel's older brothers, with Mercy Chant. They do not recognise her, but she overhears them discussing Angel's unwise marriage, and dares not approach them.

On the way back home, she overhears a wandering preacher and is shocked to discover that it is Alec d'Urberville, who has been converted to Methodism under the Reverend James Clare's influence. Alec claims that she has put a spell on him and makes Tess swear never to tempt him again as they stand beside an ill-omened stone monument called the Cross-in-Hand.

However, Alec continues to pursue her and soon comes to Flintcomb-Ash to ask Tess to marry him, although she tells him she is already married. He begins stalking her, despite repeated rebuffs, returning at Candlemas and again in early spring, when Tess is hard at work feeding a threshing machine.

Oxford heroes. 1 Workbook

He tells her he is no longer a preacher and wants her to be with him. When he insults Angel, she slaps him, drawing blood. Tess then learns from her sister, Liza-Lu, that her father, John, is ill and that her mother is dying. Tess rushes home to look after them. Her mother soon recovers, but her father unexpectedly dies from a heart condition. The impoverished family is now evicted from their home, as Durbeyfield held only a life lease on their cottage.

Alec, having followed her to her home village, tries to persuade Tess that her husband is never coming back and offers to house the Durbeyfields on his estate. Tess refuses his assistance several times. She had earlier written Angel a psalm-like letter, full of love, self-abasement, and pleas for mercy, in which she begs him to help her fight the temptation she is facing. Now, however, she finally begins to realize that Angel has wronged her and scribbles a hasty note saying that she will do all she can to forget him, since he has treated her so unjustly.

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