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Prey by Linda Howard. Mass Market Paperback. Apr 24, | Pages. download. * This format is not eligible to earn points towards the Reader Rewards program. Main Author: Howard, Linda, Corporate Author: OverDrive Inc. Published: New York: Random House, Subjects: Wilderness areas > Fiction. BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt of Linda Howard and Linda Jones's Running Wild. Thirty-two-year-old Angie Powell has always spoken her mind, but .

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Thirty-two-year-old Angie Powell has always spoken her mind, but in the presence of Dare Callahan she nurses a simmering rage. The infuriatingly attractive Iraq war vet even had the nerve to ask Angie out, not once but twice. Before Angie leaves town, she organizes one last trip into the wilderness with a client. But the adrenaline-fueled adventure turns deadly when Angie witnesses a cold-blooded murder and finds herself on the wrong side of a gun. Then a bear comes crashing through the woods—changing the dark game completely. Luckily, Dare is camping nearby and comes to her aid. Forced together for survival, Angie and Dare must confront hard feelings, a blinding storm, and a growing attraction—while a desperate killer and a ferocious five-hundred-pound beast stalk their prey. You're Not Safe. Mary Burton.

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In stock online Available in stores. After Sundown by Linda Howard. Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. Sela Gordon, shy owner of a Tennessee general store, prefers solitude. If anyone can chip away at her protective shell…. An Anthology by Linda Howard. Passion mingles with espionage in these two reader-favorite stories Midnight Rainbow Grant Sullivan—tough, rugged and handsome—is a retired military expert entrusted with a mission deep in the Costa Rican jungle: Son of the Morning by Linda Howard.

The New York Times bestselling author of Troublemaker and Heartbreaker delivers a heart-pounding and romantic thriller about a woman who must travel back in time to stop a ruthless killer—but can she also protect her heart from the irresistible, dark lover…. Audio Book CD sold out. After Sundown: A Novel by Linda Howard. The Woman Left Behind: Jina Modell works in Communications for a paramilitary organization, and she really likes it. She likes the money, she likes the coolness factor—and it was very cool, even for Washington, DC.

A bear! Remember Up Close and Personal, where we learned everything we'd ever need to know if we crashed our plane into a mountain? Yeah, well here we learn about bears and camping. I'll give LH props for her research. The woman is an expert on so many things!

However, in the end, I had to struggle to finish this. On the positive side, I did like Dare. He was grumpy and gruff. He had no filter and just said what he thought. He also never fought his feelings. He liked Angie and then loved her. He accepted it and set out to make her feel the same way. I liked Angie for the first part of the book because she was independent and strong like so many other LH heroines.

However, after a while she was just annoying. Over all, I wouldn't even recommend this to the most die-hard of LH fans. View all 15 comments. Nov 14, Vintage rated it it was ok Shelves: Not to be too third grade, but this was kind of gross.

I grabbed the book on CD not really knowing what I was getting myself in for. She takes two men on a bear hunt. Nope, not this but. The heroine gets caught in witnessing a murder and has to flee. The H, who she hates, rescues her. The fact that no one died of hypothermia in Not to be too third grade, but this was kind of gross.

The fact that no one died of hypothermia in Montana in November may be the most fictitious part of the book. Two villains at work here: The bear eats three people, and it's not pretty.

If anyone has ever seen the documentary Grizzly Man you will never look bears the same, or at least that is how it affected me. His peevishness when the heroine escapes and his desire to make her suffer as much as he suffered being rained on and cold struck me as a little petty. Isn't it enough that you wanted to kill her? If I had known what I was getting into I would have skipped this.

View all 6 comments. This book had too much narrative in the first half, although I enjoyed the first couple of chapters where we get the H's pov and get to know her as a person but then it got somewhat tedious till the part where all hell breaks loose. So the fiercely independent h has hated his guts these past 2 years and this enmity from her side is at its peak, when she realizes that she has no other resort but to sell her failing business and go back to Billings.

But for this last bookings by an old client who is bringing another guy interested in hunting down a bear. An old family friend feels uneasy that she would be alone with two unknown males up in the mountains and requests a very reluctant H to look out for her. It all snowballs into a dangerous run for their lives as new and unknown threats get revealed.

But these two manage to steal two alone days in an isolated cabin during a brutal storm to finally give in to their fierce attraction to each other and acknowledge that hate is just another side of the love coin. The H is immensely likable in a grumpy sexy way and the h is admirable for her strong independence and grit. I totally got how this non-girly h would have felt so strongly about the messing up of her makeup and hair on her wedding day.

And the ex definitely behaved in an asininely immature way! Why would people only see the funny side and not get her pov on the kiddish humiliation and also the betrayal of a promise. Two relatable quotes from the book. View all 5 comments. I have read every book and novella Linda Howard's written, all 53 of them. I started reading her as a romance author, and stuck with her into the romantic suspense territory, even though I prefer books more centered on human relationships and emotions than action and mysteries.

Even with bad guys present, she could describe a bit about his background to make him if not someone I'd like to be around, at least someone I can relate to on some level.

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But a couple of chapters into this book, the view I have read every book and novella Linda Howard's written, all 53 of them. But a couple of chapters into this book, the viewpoint switches to that of a killer man-eating bear. To which, I throw up my hands and say I can't relate to that.

That is just that one step farther from the romance genre I started reading Howard for to make me stop reading the book and pick up something else. I stopped on page I will probably finish it at some point, I mean the two hot guides have to get together for some steamy sex and eventually marriage at some point, right?

Linda Howard

But not today. After chugging through 53 of her books, I find it fascinating on one level to know that a bear is my stopping point.

I'd been reading historicals for the last months, so a contemporary was like a breath of fresh air at that point. Also, the bear is barely ha! I really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, how blunt their personalities were. I do like my male protagonists grumpy, so Dare fit the bill well there. View all 4 comments. I'm just continually bummed by Linda Howard these days. In the past she's been so brilliant, but things are hit and miss these days as I have said many times recently.

She worked it out so that the scenario seemed plausible, and that was good. She also had characters that were just unique enough to make the story work. Outdoorsy girl, abandoned by mother, raised by father, bad first wedding, not a quitter. Military man with shrapn I'm just continually bummed by Linda Howard these days.

Military man with shrapnel wound to throat and therefore hoarse voice, has a love of cussing, reads books, really grouchy but has a wry sense of humor and a bit of tenderness on the inside.

I liked them. I liked the concept. Well, except poking around online makes it seem like black bears are the least likely to be maneaters, but I'm willing to suspend disbelief on that point.

My biggest complaint was how unsuspenseful the whole thing was. I knew the rough plot from the inside cover, and that's about all that happened. There was no build up to the climactic showdown, no running for their lives, no terror.

Let's be honest here. In reality, the sex may or may not happen. In a Linda Howard novel, it should happen a lot sooner. I guess it's good that the reader has something to wonder about, because it's easy to forget about both the maneating bear and the homicidal client for a majority of this very slow moving story. I almost hate to shelve this with suspense.

I still love Linda Howard, I like her ideas and her characters and her writing, but the execution just seems to be lacking again. Jun 02, Joan Reeves rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'll admit to being a diehard Linda Howard fan so I ignored the reviews and bought the book anyway.

After all, as an author, I get bad reviews too, and I like to think that readers are discerning enough to wade through bad reviews if a book's blurb sounds like their kind of book. I liked Prey. In fact, I stayed up way too late to finish it the other night.

Nobody does heroes better than Linda Howard. She writes the kind of man you'd recognize instantly if you met him on the street--that's how real her characters are. The heroines are always likable and are the kind of women I'd enjoy having as friends.

Enter Dare and Angie--two people made for each other if Angie only knew it. Dare does. He's a walking, talking simmering cauldron of longing when it comes to Angie, and he hates the fact that he can't get her out of his mind. Dare was a soldier too long to attempt "polite" speech so his language is peppered with profanities--just like every soldier I've ever known. What a finely drawn character.

Throw in a murder plot, a survival against the cruel Montana weather, and sexual fireworks that go off like the 4th of July, and you've got Prey by Linda Howard. Go for it! You'll discover this is a pretty darn good book. Overall rating: He asked her out twice and the heroine turned him down twice. Here is a quote that confirms he has not been with anyone in all of that time. It had been that way from the day he'd first seen her. He'd even asked her out-twice-and been slapped down twice, and her attitude made it pretty damn plain she wasn't the least bit interested in him, but his dick was too stupid to get the message.

All he had to do was see that high, round ass of hers, or that dark ponytail swinging down her back, and the damn thing perked up and all but begged to be petted. Maybe when she was gone his dick would give up the insane hope that some day it would have a shot at having her.

And maybe then he himself would get series about looking for another woman, someone who could stand to spend a few minutes in his company, which Angie Powell, obviously couldn't. He didn't spend his time crying into his beer over her, he'd been rejected before, and sometimes it sucked, but he didn't curl up in a whiny, whimpering ball because of it. Still, for some reason, having her there kind of blunted the desire to go out looking for someone else.

Even though he hadn't asked her out again after the second rejection, he knew his own competitive nature well enough to realize that part of him-like his dick-had stayed focused on her and refused to give up. Is not a virgin. We only know it's been awhile for him because he hasn't been with anyone since the he came back to town.

Don't know how long it was otherwise, he never mentions it. Just that he had had sex in the past. Angie Powell heroine: Is also not a virgin. Was engaged to be married like 4 years ago, I believe? She came to realize that she never loved him like she thought. She liked sex well enough, but not enough to engaged in casual encounters since her engagement.

She quickly lets go of her hatred to him and realizes that she loves him. Of course, he has loved her for over two years, so way longer than she realized it herself. This was a really good book.

I enjoyed that we got multiple POVs. We got the bad guy x 2, Dare and Angie. Dare was a gruff man, but had such a sweet spot for Angie. He treated her like gold and risked his life for her many times. He showed her with actions first what he would be like to be with him. To be love, safe and protected He also just got her like no one else. Dare knew when he met her, that she was the one for him. He loved her small boobs and her juicy booty LOL! That wasn't his exact words, but the man definitely loved her ass.

He had to work really hard at getting her to change his feelings for him from hatred to something else. Angie was Dare's perfect match in every way. She was a bad ass heroine who never gave up when times got rough and what she went through? That was some really rough stuff! The romance comes a little later in the story, but you know without a doubt what Dare's feelings are and you start to see how Angie's feelings change towards Dare.

There are only a few intimate scenes with one being full blown sex, but you do know without a doubt that Dare is all in. In fact, you know Angie is too by that point. I enjoyed the ending as well. I would have loved for a little bit more of an epilogue, but I was very satisfied with the ending.

Funny quote: I'm not going to lie - the only reason I gave this book three stars was because I just can't bring myself to give Linda Howard a worse rating. She has been one of my favorite romantic suspense authors ever since I discovered the genre, and I stay pretty loyal to my authors.

But this book was a huge disappointment all around. The book focuses A LOT on how bad the weather is. Of course, that is the main reason why they are stuck together for so long thus making it possible to be with each other an I'm not going to lie - the only reason I gave this book three stars was because I just can't bring myself to give Linda Howard a worse rating.

Of course, that is the main reason why they are stuck together for so long thus making it possible to be with each other and fall in love. But it really took away from the suspense portion of the book. There was no real feeling of imminent danger. Take the few pages with the killer out, and all you've really got is a contemporary romance in which bad weather and an ankle injury keep two people holed up in a cabin.

Well, that doesn't sound too bad, does it? The only problem being, this is not a contemporary romance. I liked the concept of the characters of Angie and Dare, but never really felt like I knew either of them. Sure we know that Angie has bad luck with men view spoiler [That story about her first marriage and the annulment is seriously ridiculous.

The relationship should never have gone as far as the wedding, and if my friend were to get an annulment because her new hubby put cake in her face, I would be worried about her mental state And all of that is leaps and bounds over what we know about Dare. I wondered the whole time why he came back to their town and why, especially since there was already a hunting business in town.

The whole thing seemed weird to me for some reason. He had to have realized at some point that he was destroying her business! I feel like Dare had some serious potential for being a totally awesome hero, what with his past with the military and badassness, and Howard did not capitalize on him. I also just never really got on board with their love, or even fully with their passion. I just didn't feel it, and it just was not believable to me.

No proposal, no romance to it! They just sort of got back to their life and started talking business and wedding! Everything was wrapped up so quickly and easily! I'm getting irritated just thinking about it all. There was an unusual amount of description for a Linda Howard book when it came to describing the bear killing people.

It really caught me off guard and kind of grossed me out. Also, at one point, we are actually reading from the bear's perspective. Totally ridiculous!!! Thankfully it only happened the one time that I remember, maybe I blocked out other times So, all in all, both the romance and the suspense were extremely weak and extremely disappointing. Nothing like I expected from an author of Linda Howard's caliber.

It was a total disappointment. Even the lead characters were less than interesting. The bear indeed had a POV -- which didn't much interest me, either. It hurts to review and rate this book so low because I've been a fan of LH's books for many years. She's had some of the best romantic suspense novels I've ever read. Her heroes are almost always exceptional. However, there's just nothing I can say about "Prey" except I just didn't Nothing like I expected from an author of Linda Howard's caliber.

However, there's just nothing I can say about "Prey" except I just didn't like it from the first page to the last page. View 2 comments. Angie Powell has decided to throw in the towel.

Her guide business isn't doing well since Dare Callahan opened his business. But she has one more trip on the books. This one is a bear hunt. She doesn't like bear but she needs it. Dare is asked by a friend to check on Angie so he goes on a fishing trip so he can be close by just in case. But Angie isn't suppose to make it back alive.

Meanwhile, there is a man-eating bear out there and he's hungry. If I were to compare this one to other Linda Howard novels that I absolutely loved then it definitely falls short.

But if I compare it to other books of this genre by a multitude of other authors then it really wasn't bad. I think I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Dare and Angie developed and expanded and I felt that the ending got a little hurried along but overall I did like it. Jun 23, D. Even the man eating black bear had a POV! Angie hates Dare because she feels he ran her out of business. They are both wilderness guides in West Montana and when he set up shop, he siphoned a lot of her clients.

Angie acknowledges that it's not all his fault - she made a lot of mistakes running the business she inherited from her father - but still hates his guts. On what she feels will be her last trip she's taking two clients to hunt a bear. Unbeknownst to her, one of her clients is planning to off the other and has no plans to leave a witness. However, the bear gets on the way while the bad guy is committing his evil deeds, giving Angie the opportunity to escape.

What follows is a lot of pages of Angie trying to escape, on foot, from the bear and the villain, in a torrential downpour. Once Dare finds her she's injured, and there are a lot more pages about Dare carrying her around, on foot, in a torrential downpour.

When he takes her to his camp, they spend some time together, sharing details about their lives - including Angie's reason for annulling her marriage, which was the stupidest ever. If I'd been the groom, I'd have sued her. Once they have sex, he confesses his undying love and she does the same.

Even though this is the most time the spent together because she never gave him the time of day before! It was so weird. After that, there was only the business of confronting villain and bear. Not even that was very exciting. Not recommended. I liked both main characters and thought Dare's character in particular was humorous.

I even liked the romance, what there was of it! And that's the problem in a nutshell. The story is good, but with more fleshing out and a some layering of the plot lines, it could have been great.

It had all the bone structure for a great Linda Howard book. It just needed more meat. Still, it was fun an 3. Still, it was fun and I don't regret spending time on it.

View all 10 comments.

Feb 11, Yuzai marked it as wish-list Shelves: From Linda Howard's Facebook page: Throw in a killer, as well as a fellow hunting guide who is also her nemesis, add a pinch of terror I'm now officially terrified of bears, because I've learned too much about them , a scoosh of sexual tension, a cup of grouchy man, a pound of sex, blend well, bake at , and voila!

I had really, really high hope's for this book Jul 11, Hasnamezied rated it it was ok Shelves: Ok these days I am not lucky with the books I chose to read. I love romance about people trapped together so I was excited about this one. No , it is not a good book. First read - November 8, Other than the odd pages we spent in the POV of the bear and 5 or so pages in the head of an NPC who immediately got eaten by said bear, I really enjoyed this book.

It was more an action survival book than anything else.


The heroine had guts and then some. She had moral fiber to know when to sell out her property and business and she was super tough crawling down a mountain in a storm with a broken ankle to get away from a murderer and a maneating bear. I enjoyed the interlude with her and the super hot hero.

I loved the way he was written, rough around the edges and with a potty mouth. I loved how he took care of her. Maybe we could have know a little more about him but I felt like we knew enough.