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Ravished by the Triceratops “The raptor quickly slashed away the rest of her hide , watching with wide black eyes as the. Check out what others are saying about. Free Kindle ePUB or Windows Warning Contains beast sex dinosaur erotica with very explicit sexual descriptions Not suitable for someone. She's done it before so she'll be fine, right? This time, though, she's upping the ante. She's wading into the forest while on her period. And the raptors can smell it .

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Ravaged By The Raptor Epub

RAVAGED BY THE RAPTOR, She's done it before so she'll be fine , right? This time, though, she's upping the. Name: Ravaged By The Raptor File size: mb. Language: En. CRC: bbfbbfefecaaddd6. Rating: 5/ Download pdf book by Christie Sims - Free eBooks. 23 Sep Ravaged By The Raptor Epub Books > Ravaged By The Raptor Epub Books. Tue, 07 .

Mature Audiences Only! This dino collectionMoreWARNING: This 12, word bundle of stories contain explicit descriptions of crazy dinosaur sex, oral sex with a raptor tongues, beastly doggy-style, giant-dino cocks, loads of cum, and soaking wet panties. This dino collection contains three hot stories:1 Taken By The RaptorAudrey had a rough first year at college and when she returns home her dad surprises her with a camping trip. During their trip, Audrey discovers a time portal behind a waterfall that transports her to the land of dinosaurs. There she uses every tip her dad taught her to survive in the wild. While sleeping in a cave, shes woken up by a large dinosaur sniffing around. Audrey is afraid the raptor is going to eat her alive but the only thing it wants to eat is her wet pussy.

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Dinosaur Erotica collection by Various Authors

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Can Audrey survive this sexy encounter with a dinosaur?

taken by the pterodactyl dinosaur erotica Manual

The Hunt is her tribes rite of passage for men and women where they must go out alone and kill a great beast. Dinosaurs are the most prized trophies but most dont come back alive. Jane leaves to go find the biggest of dinosaurs, the T-Rex.

She discovers one feasting on a Triceratops and thats when she strikes with her spear. Jane quickly finds out that her weapons have no effect on the mighty beast and the dinosaur corners her.

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The T-Rex finds Jane interesting and he inspects her with his large tongue. The taste of her wet womanhood pleases the beast and arouses Jane more than she could ever imagine. What Tiana doesnt know is that the dinosaurs there are actually real At the park, her brother Michael gets violently sick and is taken to the nurse.

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