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Sai Baba Stavan Manjari In Pdf | International Sai Samaj. shri sainatha stavan manjari ( Telugu). 1. shri sainatha stavan manjari (English). CopyRight © International. Shri Sai Baba Stavan Manjari in English PDF Download. I bow down to Shri GANESH. Oh, URESHWARA, you are the one on whom we. a powerful book for spiritual to all religion and wonderfulbook for sai devotees.

I was pleased to see some one has taken efforts to do such translation of Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari in tamil. Later i got a little book from the priest in Hanuman mandhir. I realized many sai devotees are looking for "Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari" , so this contributed poem in praise of sai is given below. Das Ganu Maharaj is the spark behind Sai movement in maharastra. He travelled to every small towns and villages in maharastra sining kirtans about saints Turkaram, gnana dev keeping a portrait painting of our shirdi sai baba. When ever the listen asks about the saint in the portrait, Das Ganu will tell them about the greatness of our Sainath and request them to go to Shirdi and have darshan of Sai Baba. One of my Sai Guru , told me that Das Ganu wrote this "sainath Stavan Manjari" facing lots of struggles like hunger etc..

Death also does not affect you! This is the final conclusion Which one arrives at, after thoughtful search.

Birth and death, These concepts are born of ignorance! From both you are free Oh, Lord, of course!

If water appears as a spring, Does it imply that its source is there? It existed already, full and flush, Merely sprang up from within the earth. Water that springs up in a hollow Is, therefore, so described or named; A "spring" becomes its proper name.

Without the water, it is only a hollow. To spring up and to dry up and disappear, This is not the nature of water; Because the water of the spring Has no importance for the hollow it fills.

It is only the hollow that is mistakenly proud Of itself, rather than the water that filled it. Therefore, when the water dries up The hollow becomes impoverished. The human body is really like the hollow water bed; The spirit pure energy is like the pure clean water of the spring; Although there are innumerable such hollows The essence is the same in everyone.

Until now, who are without a beginning, I say to you, merciful one, To destroy the mountain of ignorance Please become the thunderbolt of Indra!

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Until now, such hollow beings Have existed in large numbers, on this earth. Many more exist even now, And, in the future, as time goes by, many more will come. Each such hollow being Is given a separate and different name and appearnce; That is how, in this world, They are identified. Therefore, to distinguish that spirit In terms of you and me is not proper; Because, as there is no duality That itself is most surely, the Spirit And, since the Spirit Truly encompasses the whole world, Then, the "you and me" the duality concept, How can it possibly be entertained?

Water latent in the clouds Is all the same; But when it descends upon the earth, It assumes different forms. That which falls in the Godavari bed Is known as the sacred River Godavari; That which falls into a well Does not have the same worthiness or prestige. Saints are the river Godavari, And, you are the water in it We are the puddles, wells and lakes; That is the difference between us. For the fulfilments of our lives We must surrender to you, Always, with folded hands, Because you are the embodiment of piety.

It is due to its water - bed That the waters of Godavari have become holy; Considered merely as water, Its the same everywhere. The bed of Godavari That is considered as truly sacred, Owes all its sanctity To the quality of the land through which it flows The water latent in the clouds Does not alter that part of the earth on which it falls; Yet, that very part of the earth, Is called Godavari or pure by the scholars of the sacred books.

Where the water has fallen elsewhere, It has acquired the qualities of the soil on those places; Contaminated, bitter, salty it becomes Though originally sweet. Same is the case with you, oh, Gururaya, In whom there is no impurity of the six vices, To that holy form This title, Saint is befitting.

Therefore saints are Godavari So full of grace; Amongst all the beings Your place is the highest! From the beginning of creation Godavari has been in existence; It has been full of water And it has never lacked it till today. The bed alone remains the same, The water have flowed into the ocean, The sancity is eternal Of the river - bed, to this day.

Each year, The old waters go and the new Flow into the river bed; Its the law, as you know. A century is like a year. The sages of that century Are like the flowing waters While the great souls are like the waves on the water. Of these saints who are like Godavari, In the early centuries, There was a great flood of sanat - sanak - sananda Followed by narada and tumber Dhurva, Prahlad, powerful king Bali, Shabari, Angad, Vayukumar, Vidur, Gope - Gopika Thus, many came the present time In each of the centuries of the past; The floods came repeatedly, Which I am unable to recount.

Therefore at your divine feet I make obeisance; Maharaj, of my faults Take no notice, I plead. I am a poor, wretched, ignorant man, The greatest of sinners; Ridden with vices, But do not cast me off! The inherent defects of iron Are ignored by "parisa" The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol Are not rejected by the Godavari. I am full of vices within. By your merciful glance, Do, do quickly destroy them.

This, only, is the plea of "Das" If after coming in contact with the parisa! The irons inherent defects Do not change, Guruvara, Then, it is to the discredit of the parisa!

Dont let me be a sinner Dont belittle yourself, Look, you are parisa, I am the iron; My discharge is your concern too. A child always commits mistakes, But a mother does not scold; Remembering this, Grant me your grace. Oh, Sadguru Sainath, You are my "Kalpataru"!

You are the means for crossing this worldly ocean, you alone are so - undoubtedly. You are "Kamdhenu"! You are "Chintamani"! You are the sun in the sky of knowledga, You are great mine of virtues!

Oh, you are the ladder to heaven! Oh, pious, purest one, Oh, embodiment of peace and bliss, Oh, the Supreme Self, Oh, the non-dual one, the ocean of knowledge; Oh, incarnation of the Supreme wisdom, the best among men, Oh, abode of forgiveness and peace, Oh, refuge of devotees, Bless me, bless me! Your present manifestation, And your manifold nature are really difficult to understand!

The knowledge about your caste and creed You do not reveal to anybody. Having observed Shree Krishna Different people called him by various names. Some call him Yadu Buhsan Some call him a cowherd.

But these superficial differences Would interest only pedagogues; But for those devotees desirous of knowledge They are of no consequences.

Caste and creed have no relevance to you; You are the Guru Supreme! You are the creator of this world! There was Hindu - Muslim rivalry; Therfore to bring about unity and amity, The masjid and the fire worship were embraced by you, To show your leela to the devotees.

You are beyond caste and greed, You are Brahman, the essance of Truth; You are That, verily, You are beyond human conception! Giving free rein to surmises and conjectures, Arguments have flourished about you. There, my insignificant Words, how will they prevail? But when I behold you, I cannot remain silent; Because, for encomium, words Are normally the only means.

Therefore, by means of words, Whtaever description is possible, That I will always proffer, With your grace. Saints, I reckon Higher than gods; For distinctions such as mine and thine Find not a place in their proximity. On the contrary, the king was delivered from the material world And was immortalised; Such is the prowess of the saints, It is indescribable! Saints are the Sun, Their grace is illuminating; Saints are as pleasing as the moon, Their benignness is as gentle as moonlight.

Saints, are the soothing musk, Their blessing are like its fragrance, Saints are the juicy sugarcane, Their blessings are like its sweetness. Saints, towards the good and the bad, Are the same, definitely. On the contrary, their love for the sinners Is immeasurable.

In the waters of the Godavari, Only the soiled clothes come to be cleaned; The clean ones;in a trunk, Remain far from the Godavari banks. Even that which remained in the trunk, came once, To be cleaned throughly On the Godavari banks. Oh, Samarth, and purify me! You are the cool, shady tree, with abundent foliage; We are the travellers, really, Suffering from the scorching sun-rays Of the three-fold calamities of Life.

The benign grace of your cool shade Is extraordinary! Sitting under a tree, If one feels the heat of the sun, Then, who will call that tree The shade-giving tree? Be endowing it with forms, The saints have reduced the importance of the formless! Knowing the prowess of saints, Jagjivan laboured by carrying water.

There is no need to speak more. To save the sinners, You came to Shirdi; Pouring water into earthen lamps, You made them burn. The wooden plank of absurdly small measures You turned into your bed, truly; Thereby displaying to the devotees Your amazing yogic powers! The barrenness of many women You have completely dispelled; The disease of many You have cured with the "Udi"! TO ward off worldly difficulties Is not impossible for you.

The weight of an ant, Does the elephant consider as a burden? I surrender at your feet, Do not turn me away. For the worship of other deities. The ritual is as prescribed. But, for your worship, There is nothing worthy of you!

To quench the oceans Thirst, adequate water cannot be found on earth; To warm the fire From where will the heat be found? All my talk is a philosophical statement, For I have not experienced its truth. I have spoken without experience, A meaningless maze of words. Download shri sainath stavan manjari marathi song on. Stavan manjari english language shri sai satcharitra sindhi language shri sai satcharitra english language translated zarine shri sai satcharitra english language concise prose version shri sai.

Sainath stavan manjari telugu publisher shri sai baba. Shri sai charitra tamil 8. A bhavarth stavan manjari telugu chaganty sai baba has been. Free stavan manjri with english translation mp3 microsoft word sai stavan manjari hindi author raghav created date am.

Bengali english gujarati hindi kannada marathi tamil telugu sai devotees live miracles sai quotes silence history shri sai nath stavan manjari and its author shri dasganu maharaj. Shirdi sai baba aarti sung in. Download shri sai nath stavan manjari mp3 total files shri sainath stavan manjari. Shri sai nath stavan manjari. Shri sainathstavan manjari humble. Shri shirdi sai baba. Sri sainatha stavana manjari written sri dasaganu maharaj ardent devotee sri shirdi saibaba. Career growth reading sai satcharitra and sainath stavan manjari regularly.

Stavana Manjari in Telugu

Name shirdi sai stavan manjari telugu pdf file size date added june price free operating system windows xpvista78 total downloads Shirdi saibaba books shirdi saibaba satcharita shirdi saibaba movies stavan manjari tamil shridi shri saibaba thirukovil anaimalai I bow down shri ganesh. Shri sai baba shirdi. Sai arun india views shirdi sai baba chalisa telugu shirdi vasa sai prabho duration This app helps everyone listen stavan manjari music while doing pooja and whenever everyone want the blessing shridi sai.

For regular updates visit sai facebook page.

Shridi Stavan Manjari

Anonymous devotee from india says year old female from bangalore. Sri sainatha stavan manjari stotram also long back had tried game gunz 2it some information about shri sai nath stavan manjari when its.

Name stavan manjari author shri dasganu maharaj translator unknown language english content shri sai nath stavan manjari total pages Sep dasganu maharaj dedicated stavana manjari saimaharaj. Shri sai satcharitra telugu history shri sai nath stavan manjari and its author shri dasganu maharajlong long ago there lived notorious stavan manjari in.

Attached that mail was shri sai nath stavan manjari telugu pdf format. Welcome sai television. Marathi nine guruwar sai vrath telugu stavan majari telugu stavan manjari english stavan manjari.

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