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Most Expected Seating Arrangement Questions For IBPS Clerk Mains Dear Aspirants, IBPS Clerk Mains exams for the year is on your way. IBPS Guide Team has provided Practice Questions on Reasoning PDF for Seating Arrangements which consist of Most Expected Reasoning. Seating Arrangement Pdf Free Download Now: Seating Arrangement Question Pdf for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, Railway, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other. SBI Clerk Mains Exam is going to be conducted, We hope you all have been preparing well for this exam. To brush up your preparation at this stage, here are some most important questions for SBI Clerk Mains Exam You Should attempt these Top 50 important questions in order.

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Sitting Arrangement Pdf

Seating Arrangement is a most important chapter for Banking examinations. Click here to download Most Important Seating Arrangement Questions PDF. New pattern Puzzle & seating Arrangement PDF. Puzzles & seating are an important and time-consuming part of Reasoning Section, the one that you cannot. New Pattern Puzzle & Seating Arrangement for IBPS PO Prelims New Pattern Seating Arrangement PDF for IBPS PO. Hello and.

Attend free workshop Register here: Important Points for Linear sitting arrangements questions in reasoning Important Points: Always note the conditions given in short form and represent them pictorially. If A is sitting to the immediate left of B, then it also means that B is on immediate right of A. If not specified, assume that all people are facing towards the centre or North until and unless the direction is specified. If you are unable to get any useful information from a sentence then better skip that line and move on to next line. Then re-examine the skipped sentence after going through other sentences. Linear sitting arrangements questions in reasoning Set 10 Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions. Twelve people are sitting in two parallel rows containing six people each such that they are equidistant from each other. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement, each member seated in a row faces another member of the row. S sits third to the right of Q, either S or Q sits at an extreme end of the line. The one who faces Q sits second to the right of E.

The Scientist is an immediate neighbour of K.

There are only three people between the Scientist and E. Only one person sits between the Engineer and E. The Columnist is on the immediate right of the Engineer.

must do Circular Sitting Arrangement questions - CetKing

M is second to the right of K. H is the Scientist.

G and J are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither G nor J is an Engineer.

Sitting Arrangement: 184 (PART-II)

The Financial Analyst is on the immediate left of F. The Lawyer is second to the right of the Columnist.

There is only one person between P and U. S lives in Kanpur with only one person who is not a female.

330 must do Circular Sitting Arrangement questions

There are two persons between N and S. R lives in Delhi only with the person who is at extreme end.

W is at the right end of the row. No female is neighbour of R and W.

The one who is in the middle ofthe row has neighbours who live in Mumbai. Note: Facing the same direction means if one is facing north then the other also faces north and vice versa.

Facing opposite direction means if one is facing north then the other faces south and vice versa. The one who was born on the month having least number of days sits at one of the end. Three persons sit between C and the one who was born in the month having least number of days.

The one who was born in April sits to the immediate left of C. Three persons sit between D who was born in June and the one who was born in April.

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