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d20 Sláine the RPG Of Celtic Heroes - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Slaine: Book of Invasions 1 - The Land of the Young, deep in Celtic myth DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!. I just bought a copy of the Slaine RPG rulebook and it looks great. Reading through it though, it needs the D&D 3e rulebook in order to be.

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In addition, we also have prepared some special downloads for the Slaine RPG - New Geases and Elementals, new rules you can slide straight. The Trove is the biggest open directory of RPG PDFs on the Internet! Hyborian Adventures (True 20).pdf, , MB. Hyborian Maid RPG - Core, , MB. MaidNotes-v pdf, , KB.

In one early adventure he rescued a maiden, Medb from being sacrificed in a Wicker Man , only to earn her enmity — she was a devotee of Crom Cruach , the god to whom she was to be sacrificed, and was looking forward to the experience. Her master and mentor, the ancient, rotting and insane Lord Weird Slough Feg, became the series' main villain. Following stories featured sky chariots flying longships , dragons and prehistoric alien gods. These new enemies turned out to be a full Fomorian invasion led by Balor and the sadistic Moloch , murdering, raping and eating their way through Slaine's tribe until, wracked with warp-spasm, Slaine was able to take out Balor. The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he would fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland; instead, he deliberately returned to rape and murder Niamh. Wanting vengeance, Slaine abdicated the throne to go to Albion and kill Moloch, which he succeeded in doing. In his absence, his son Kai left the tribe to search for his father eventually becoming a performer in an Albion carnival and Ireland faced a second invasion — "the dread of Europe", Atlanteans whose ancestors had lived in Ireland before the tribes of Danu and who had been forcibly turned into hosts — Golamhs — for the symbiotic Sea Demons under Lord Odacon an offshoot of the Fomorians , who easily threw the tribes' Sky Chariots into the Otherworld. Upon Slaine's return, he found the new High King Sethor, former member of the council who had granted Moloch freedom, was willing to surrender half of Ireland to Odacon in return for the gifts of science and civilisation.

Slaine hit on the idea of having the Tribe of Danu escape to the Otherworld that their Sky Chariots had been sent to, thus freeing them from the demons and allowing the Atlanteans to settle peacefully in Ireland; both armies united against Odacon and his Sea Demons.

Slaine was able to free the Atlantean leader Gael from being Odacon's Golamh by handing over Sethor to take Gael's place; and they led their armies to bolster the city of Tara. While the tribes fought a defensive battle, Slaine was sent to the Otherworld to secure the blessings of Danu for the Tribes of the Earth Goddess to settle there; this done, he returned with her power behind him and led a charge that decimated Odacon's forces.

The Tribe was cast to the Otherworld in the aftermath, and Slaine assisted Gael in finally destroying Odacon and the parasitic spawn with which he had infested the outer-lying villages. He found Kai at a travelling funfair , and later embarked on a quest to track down Crom Dubh. Mills derived much of the background to the series from Celtic mythology and European prehistory as in part did Howard: the name Conan is Irish and is borne by a number of mythological figures.

His patronymic , Mac Roth , is the name of the steward of Ailill and Medb , king and queen of Connacht , in the same cycle. Some of the religious ideas in the series are taken from Barddas, a possibly fraudulent compilation of "bardo-druidic" beliefs by the 18th century Welsh antiquarian Iolo Morganwg.

The Drunes' god, Crom Cruach , is an Irish deity who was reputedly propitiated with human sacrifices. The practice of mass human sacrifice by burning in a Wicker Man is mentioned as a practice of the Celts of Gaul by Strabo and Julius Caesar.

The enemies of the Tribes of the Earth Goddess, the Fomorians , and their leader Balor , are from the Irish mythological cycle. Other elements of the series are derived from non-Celtic mythological sources. Others claim them to be no more than degenerate humans. Personality: Dwarves can be charming, although it often seems like they only turn on the charm if they want something. Most do want something, but precisely what they want varies: some are ambitious, working hard to become the best at what they do; others are misers, acquiring and hoarding money for its own sake; others go into politics, generally attaching themselves to a human as Royal Parasite or other minion.

Character Races Humans Most humans in Tir Nan Og are a little hardier and a little more primitive than those in other fantasy games. These people live in a land where day-to-day survival is always uncertain, and where crude iron swords are the most technologically advanced weapons available.

The gods are not so much worshipped as they are feared and placated. Priests and sorcerers are one and the same, feared and honoured in equal parts. Other races tend to be viewed with a suspicion verging on xenophobia, with only Dwarves being more-or-less accepted into human society.

Human Names Human names vary by region. See the Names section on p for some suggestions. Human Racial Traits Humans are covered in greater detail within The Players Handbook but, for convenience, they are summarised here.

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Humans in other d20 System games have an advantage when it comes to multi-classing, but humans in Sline: The Roleplaying Game instead gain a certain amount of exibility when it comes to class skills. All humans are of medium size. Thierry Gaboriau order 14 Physical Description: Dwarves are typically about 4 feet to 4 feet tall, but weigh much less than humans around 80 pounds.

Although physically a little weaker than humans, they are quite capable of wielding great-axes, spears and other large weapons. They have distinctive, large, pointed ears which stick out from the sides of their heads. Their noses tend to be wide and at, and their teeth quite prominent. Dwarves live around as long as humans do. Relations: Dwarves get on tolerably well with humans, and generally live among them.

Sláine (comics)

These are dark and dangerous times, though, and dwarves are not numerous, so they tend towards caution. The humans of Tir Nan Og are superstitious and often xenophobic, and it is not unusual for them to blame dwarves for their own problems.

Sometimes human revenge is not limited to a simple beating. Dwarves adapt to this danger in different ways; some aim to make themselves indispensable to the local human community, others try to befriend or hire a competent battle-smiter or other protector, many have careful escape routes planned if anything goes wrong, and some simply ignore the risks and try to live their lives as best they can.

Dwarves dislike most other races, particularly titans, and are somewhat suspicious of warped ones, regarding them as much like humans, only worse. Although dwarves can learn to manipulate Earth Power with some facility, they can store no more than a negligible amount of it within their bodies, unlike humans. For this reason they cannot be warped and very rarely become druids or witches, although some learn a spell or two and power them by sacrices or weirdstones.

No Geas: Dwarves are largely ignored by tribal druids, and are not given geases as humans and warped ones are. They are not considered to be signicant enough to warrant them.

Characters Warped One Warped ones are a sub-race of humans, descended from ancient matings between powerful beast folk and humans. Over the thousands of years since the beast folk died out, their blood has run thinner and thinner in humanity, so that now only a small number of true warped ones are left.

Indeed, most of the ordinary members of the northern tribes have a little warped one blood owing through their veins, though not enough that they might be considered a true warped one. The main difference between warped ones and ordinary humans is their ability to warp the Earth Power of the land through their bodies, causing them to swell and warp out of shape into monstrous new forms.

Personality: The vast majority of warped ones are violent thugs, at least during their adolescence and early adulthood.

Those who survive long enough to learn a little of their true noble and magical heritage often become somewhat more contemplative.

They may love battle as much as they ever did in their younger days, but they are more likely to battle for a cause than out of simple blood-lust. Physical Description: Warped ones are usually a little taller than a typical human, with a somewhat savage appearance.

The strange light in their eyes hints that they will take a little too much delight in slaying for even most Celts to be entirely happy associating with them. Other than this, there is little or no physical difference between warped ones and humans, except of course when the warped one is in the throes of a warp-spasm.

Relations: Even humans who are unaware that a warped one is warped tend to be a little cautious with them, since most warped ones radiate a constant air of impending violence. A warrior who is known to be warped is treated with both respect and fear by his peers, and will always be set somewhat outside normal human society. Occasionally this can lead to warped ones forging the bonds of friendship with the most unlikely companions, nding they have more in common with other outsiders than with the common run of humanity.

A warped one might have few true friends, but those they have will be solid and enduring friendships, whether with dwarves or other strange races, or with human outlaws, witches or mercenaries.

Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, Dwarves get no special penalties or bonuses for their size. Dwarven base speed is 30 feet. Dwarves are also highly inventive, and make some of the nest quality craft goods in all Tir Nan Og.

Dwarves seem to have a natural talent for insulting others, their taunts somehow bypassing all but the most stubborn defences. Resistant to beatings: You gain Damage Reduction 2 against subdual damage of all kinds. Dwarves are thickskinned and have become quite used to being bullied by humans and other larger creatures. They are unaffected by any but the most severe beatings. Thierry Gaboriau order 15 Characters Names: Warped ones live among, and as, humans and are born to human parents, so they are given human names.

See the Combat chapter for more details. Major Geas: Although the tribal druids will not know of a warped ones true nature, they will be able to divine right from the moment of his birth that he will one day be a mighty hero, a mover and shaper of the world for good or for ill. The primal fear other races feel for warped ones can be an advantage in certain circumstances.

Inept Sorcerers: Warped ones have no facility for sorcery of any kind, and only receive one sorcery spell for every two ranks in sorcery they buy, rather than the usual one spell per rank.

Although they have plenty of Earth Power, it is a chaotic, wild, spiralling power, unsuited to being codied into a spell. Warp-spasms: The blood of the ancient beast folk runs through the warped ones far more strongly than through humans, allowing them to warp their bodies into great monstrous forms.

All bards must have undergone at least some druidic training. They are respected and feared by ordinary folk and mighty heroes alike, for their facility with the magical arts is unequalled. Druids from the Tribes of the Drune Lords are known as Drunes, although for most purposes they can be considered identical see the Bestiary chapter for the differences.

Adventures: Druids tend to be concerned with the affairs of the mighty and so often dabble in politics they are second choice only to bards as the ideal messenger or representative to another tribe.

Frequently they accompany bands of warriors as guides or advisors, particularly if said warriors have a Geas or other obligation to full. Druids also wander the land, attempting to keep abreast of any strange developments and always on the look-out for youngsters with the potential to learn the druidical arts. Thierry Gaboriau order 16 Intelligence. A high Charisma can also be useful when fullling your role as law-speaker, advisor and spiritual leader, as well as when magically attacking your enemies.

In addition, a reasonable level of Constitution is advisable, to handle the consequences of magical backres. Hit Die: d4.

Special Druid Skill Note: Druids are expected to be educated, rst and foremost. At rst level, the druid must spend at least 12 skill points on knowledge skills. From 2nd level onwards, the druid must spend at least three skill points per level on Knowledge skills. Class Features All of the following are class features of the druid. Characteristics: Druids are knowledgeable about almost every subject, from astronomy to herb lore, and can supplement this knowledge with their highly effective divination skills.

As they become more experienced, they are capable of channelling more and more Earth Power through their bodies, so long as it is available to them from their environment. This can make them devastatingly effective with sorcery of all kinds.


Their relationship with Danu is at best strained, however most druids do not acknowledge the darker side of the Goddess, and are wary of giving Her too much power. See the Religion chapter for more information on the historical reasons for this. They too sometimes pay lip service to the Goddess, this time in her darker aspects, but tend to leave goddess-worship to the witches. Background: Many druids are chosen when they show aptitude for the role as a child, though more join as adults, some because they seek wisdom, others because the path of the druid is one of high status and privilege.

Game Rule Information Abilities: A high Wisdom is essential for storing and manipulating earth power.

Sláine: The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes

Several of the druids skills rely on Weapon and Armour Prociency: A druid is procient with the following weapons: int knife, iron dagger, gold sickle, iron sickle, staff.

Druids are not procient with armour or shields. Also, Swim checks suffer a 1 penalty for every 5 pounds of armour and equipment carried. Bonus Feat: Druids undergo an intensive education, learning to master a large number of spells. In every case, the druid must meet the usual prerequisites for the feat. Diviner: Even at rst level, most druids are experts with a variety of divinations. Know Ogham: One of the rst things any druid learns is the magical script, Ogham.

Ogham is highly versatile a druid can create a coded message to another, hidden in a piece of art or arrangement of twigs. There are even several ways of communicating in a highly subtle Ogham sign language that can be used without non-procient observers having any idea what is being said.

At 7th level, the druid is able to expend Earth Power to paint Ogham runes onto others faces to create a variety of magical effects. See the section on Ogham in the Earth Power chapter p for more details. Druidic Awe: Druids are sacred priests, raised above ordinary folk and touched by the gods.

Slaying a druid is an unimaginably evil crime, and even striking one is absolute anathema to commoners and nobles alike. A success indicates that the character may attack the druid during this encounter; a failure means he may not. The druidic awe ability is immediately cancelled out if the druid performs any obviously offensive actions towards the target or his allies, including casting spells on them.

Otherwise the effect of druidic awe lasts the rest of the day. Druidic awe usually only affects humanoids, but the druid can extend it to affect other creatures so long as they have an Intelligence score of at least 1 at a cost of 1 Earth Power per non-humanoid affected.

Salmon of Knowledge: The 2nd level druid is well on his way to understanding the entire universe and everything within it. The Head Aame: This is the main offensive power of the druid, usually reserved for use on religious enemies or in dire need, because its use is incredibly draining.

It uses up all the Earth Power the druid has available in a ery blast that jets straight into the face of any one enemy within 50 ft. This is unleashed with a standard action and inicts 1d6 damage per full two points of Earth Power the druid had available. The ames strike unerringly at the foes face with no need for an attack roll, but the victim may make a Reex saving throw for half damage. Increased Maximum Earth Power: As druids become more experienced and knowledgeable, they become able to store far more earth power in their bodies, so long as it is available in their immediate environment.

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At 4th level, a druids maximum Earth Power rises to triple his base Earth Power, rather than double as is usual for most characters. At 8th level it rises again to quadruple his base Earth Power, at 12th level to ve times his base Earth Power, at 16th level to six times his base Earth Power, and at 20th level to seven times his base Earth Power.

Druids Egg: The druids egg is a powerful good luck talisman essentially a tiny weirdstone carved in the shape of an egg, imbued with earth power and specically designed to increase the bearers luck in all things. See the Earth Power chapter for more information about druids eggs. At 6th level, the druid receives a druids egg from his teachers as a sign that he is a fully-edged druid. Sorcerer: At each of 4th, 9th, 14th, and 19th levels, the druid gains a bonus spell, just as if he had acquired a rank in Sorcery skill although the druids Sorcery rank does not increase.

The druid must meet the usual prerequisites for the spell. Adventures: Noble warriors are generally right in the thick of every conict taking place in the Land of the Young.

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