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Talk Time is a three-level conversation course that provides speaking and listening The Student CD, included at the back of the Student Book, contains. The conversation course that gets students talking - confidently!. , Talk Time 3 Test Booklet with Audio CD. , Talk Time 3 Student Book with Audio CD.

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Talk Time Book

Talk Time Teacher's Book 1: Everyday English Conversation [Susan Stempleski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Talk Time 1. Apostila Talk Time. Smart english. Pen Channara · Bounce 4 Students Book. Henrique Rodrigues da Silva · Think & writing. Pen Channara. Talk Time 1: Student Book with Audio CD by Susan Stempleski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The key picture-words for the lower case letters Sounds phonemes linked to alphabet letter shapes: Vowel sounds shown in red letters within the slash marks: Book 1 features lots of practice of oral blending — a sub-skill of reading decoding. Identify the sounds all through the picture words and then allot letters for each sound.

How is it best to use these books? Complete and repeat Like any early years favourite alphabet books, use over and over again. Keep copies in the book corner to browse constantly - this is important.

Talk Time 3: Student Book with Audio CD

In addition, children need their own copies to complete and repeat. The repetition is key to effective learning of alphabetic code knowledge and phonics skills. The books are produced in very high quality card and paper for durability and longevity! Part 3: For more information, see next slides: Systematic Synthetic Phonics: Suitable for: How can the books be suitable for all learners?

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They all need to learn the same alphabetic code and the same phonics skills for lifelong reading and spelling! Spelling Word Banks and some additional activities Spelling word bank activities feature throughout the programme. Comprehension question suggestions provided for all the Mini Stories in the Pupil Books.

Full Teaching and Learning Cycle for Books 1 to 9.

Full range of supplementary resources Additional guidance, video footage, comprehensive range of extra resources sample pages Distinguishes between the Alphabet and the Alphabetic Code 3.

Delivered through a content-rich Teaching and Learning Cycle: Video footage and PowerPoint available at www. Use cumulative, decodable words, sentences and texts for ample practice. For a very detailed free pdf, see: Each level comes with three texts: In addition to the CD that accompanies the student book, there is a class CD separate price needed for the majority of class work.

Talk Time 1: Student Book with Audio CD

Even though the author never clearly states which age group she had in mind for her audience, her book appears to be primarily suited for young adults, as the pictures and topics center on this age group. There seems to be some attempt to address ethnicity, as the pictures and names represent various groups.

When looking at the table of contents, the reader will note that common themes—jobs, weekend activities, entertainment, hobbies, and travel—predominate. However, functions or other topics are not addressed. The text is oriented toward listening and speaking only, with the stated goal being developing fluency in spoken English. Students are supposed to find the material both fun and relevant, and where they can, express their feelings and opinions in response to it.

CoC - Talk Time's Up and Crosstalks

Each unit has two lessons, and each lesson has five parts: There are a total of twelve thematic units, which according to the author should provide between 24 and 36 hours of classroom instruction. This is quite useful, especially when a teacher is rushed for time yet still wants to measure what students have learned by the end of each unit. Furthermore, each unit is independent, so there is no need to proceed in a linear fashion.

If you have a class where students are sometimes absent, this lack of an incremental structure can accommodate that. The second lesson of each unit has related vocabulary and grammar, but each lesson is self-contained. The vocabulary includes words one might use meeting friends, going camping, reading a book, visiting a museum, or seeing a movie.

So while the lessons are independent, there is a loose theme that connects them within the unit. The first activity in each unit is a warm-up, a speaking task. In addition, there is a bubble that illustrates briefly how a student might respond to a question. For example:.

The second activity is an identification task, either a ranking or multiple-choice exercise. Considering that many textbooks lack any kind of assessment, this is a big plus, especially welcomed I suspect by teachers with heavy workloads. In addition, there is also a unit by unit, section by section basic explanation to support the teacher. Supplementary handouts with directions can also be found, in the back of the book.

Talk Time is a listening and speaking book based on a task approach. It is very simple, and would be appropriate for those who need just a cursory exposure to basic conversational English.

Scaffolding is minimal, which could be seen as a drawback. But if you like to supplement, this could be a positive feature. Another positive point is that the vocabulary is introduced in context, and there is plenty of review.

Both the design and layout are pleasing to the eye—not too crowded, with plenty of charts and diagrams, as well as good pictures. And the quizzes and unit tests are quite teacher-friendly.

On the other hand, the listening material on the class CD is not authentic.

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