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As of now there are only five subjects namely Tamil, English, Maths, Science, and Social Science for class 10th in Tamilnadu. The School Education Department of Tamil Nadu has uploaded the TN Samacheer kalvi 10th books in the form of pdf format for free download. 10th New Book Text book published by Government of Tamil Nadu. Tamilnadu 10th Books Download free tamil english maths science & social text books for all languages pdf New Class 10th standard new samacheer kalvi.

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Tenth Samacheer Kalvi Social Book

Get Upto 25% Discounts on SURA'S 10th Standard Social Science (Samacheer Kalvi) Exam Guide Online Shopping with FREE SHIPPING. As of now there are only five subjects namely Tamil, English, Maths, Science, and Social Science for class 10th in Tamilnadu. The School Education Department of Tamil Nadu has uploaded the TN Samacheer kalvi 10th books in the form of pdf format for free download. 10th New Book TN class 10th English, Tamil, Maths, Science and Social Science textbooks TN Class 10th Samacheer Kalvi Books (Tamil Medium) PDF Free.

Germany and Italy became unifed countries in a b c d The movement of goods was speeded up by the development of a Railways b Roadways c Airways d Waterways6. The English East India comapny was formed in a b c d The Republic of China was established nder a Dr. Austria declared war on Serbia On b 28th June a 28th July www. Germany sued for peace on a Nov. A c France d Germany2. Mussolini organized the National Fascist Party in a Nov. Mussolini made common cause with a Churchill b Hitler c Stalin d Leninwww. A democratic constitution with the federal structure was established by a National Assembly metat a Berlin b Weimer c Frankfurt d Bavaria2.

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Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery. Handling within 1 day s. Two Day Shipping. A panel of Editors. Sura Publications. Publish Date. Which year has a special Significance in Indian Economy a b c d www. As per census the literacy rate in India is a Industrial Revolution3. New Imperialism4.

Tamilnadu 10th New Books Free Download Samacheer Kalvi Textbooks

Manchu Rule5. Open door Policy Kaiser William — ii2. Alsace and Lorraine4. Francis Ferdinand5. Central Powers8. Dardanelles expedition9. Dogger bank Paris Peace Conference Herbert Hoover3.

Share Market4. March 4, Benito Mussolini2. Stable Governmentwww. Charter of Labour5. Treaty of Versailles2. Lightening war8. Sir Winston Churchill9. San Francisco3. The General Assembly4.

The Hague5. Treaty of Rome3. Council of Ministers4. Herman Van Rampay5. European Central Bank6. Military revolt2. First War of Indian Independence3. Lord Canning4. Revenue taxes5. Lord Bentinck6.

Begum Hazarat Mahal Raja Rammohan Roy2. Raja Rammohan Roy3. Arya Samaj4.

Thiru Arutpa6. Aligarh Movement7.

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Political Mendicancy5. January 26, Communal award5. Sardar Vallabhabai Patel9. Tipu Sultan2. Madras Native Association3. Rangaiah Naidu4. Swaraj day6. Sathyamurthi Bhavan8. Justice Party2. Dravidar Kazhagam3. Ramasamy Naicker4. Annamalai University8. Avvai illam Elavu varamwww. Pancha Sheel3. Regional Party4. Bi-party system5. Cabinet Minister6. Supreme court Judge9. Chief Electoral officer Vedic Religion2.

March South — east2. Sri Lanka3. Godwin Austin5. Tropical Monsoon Climate2. Desert soilwww. Deciduous forest3. Alluvial soil2. Mountain Slopes3. Cash crop5. Mineral resource5. Volcaninic eruption3. Multi Lateral3. Ortho photo2. Gross National Product2.

Social Science (Std10 - Tamil Medium)

GNP - Depreciation4. Expenditure side8. Living Standard of People Soviet Russia2. Prime Minister of India4. Mixed Economy6. Acharya Vinobhabhave8. The Carnatic wars - Asia2. Protectorate - China3. Racial Discrimination - England4.

Clemenceau - Britain2. Orlando - France3. Lloyd George - Germany4. Woodrow Wilson - Austria5. Treaty of Versailles - Rumania2. Treaty of Trianon - Turkey3.

Treaty of Neuilly - Italy4. Treaty of Serveres - Hungary5. Share market collapse - Banks and industries2. Reconstruction Finance Corporation - Loans3. Economic Depression - License to stock exchange4. Federal Reserve Bank - Compensation to formers5. Duce - Secret Police of Mussolini2. Black Shirts - Ovra - March on Rome - Mussolini5.

Brown shirts - Nazi Emblem2. Fuhrer - My struggle3. Swastika - Leader4.

Gestapo - Chancellorwww. Scorched Earth Policy2. Luftwaffe - Theodore Roosevelt4. Royal Air Force - England5. New York - German Submarines2. NTBT - Kofi Annan1. Merger Treaty - EURO - Mr. Banki Moon3. Robert Schuman4. Jean Monnet - French foreign Minister5. Mangal Pandey - French politician2. Bahadur Shah II - Nana Saheb - Begum Hazarat Mahal5. Rani Lakshmi Bai - Colin Campbell 2. Bahadur Shah II - Jhansi 3. The Great Revolt - Magnacarta 4.

Lucknow - 5. Martin Luther of Hinduism - Ramakrishna Mission 3.

New India - Mrs. Annie Besant 4. Vallalar - Dr. Iswar Chandra Vidhya Sagar - Patriotic writer 2. Swadeshi - Bala Gangadhar Tilak 4. New India - Religious and Social Reformer 5. Kesari - Mrs. Sardar Vallabhbai Patel 2. Pondicherry - Dutch territories 3. Goa - Drafting Committee 4. Ambedkar - First Governor General of free India 5. Motilal Nehru - British Territories 2. Chauri Chaura 3. Lion of Punjab - Uttar Pradesh 4. Communal Award - Swarajya Party 5. Swadeshi Exhibition - Bhagat Singh 2.

Chanakya - Muslim League 3. King maker 4. Sathya murthi - Sepoy Mutiny 5. Justice - Rajaji 2. Vaikam Hero - Periyar E. Devadasi system - Madras Mahajana Sabha 4. Veera Tamilannai 5. Justice Party - E. Ramasamy Periyar - Dr. Nair 2. Terai Plain - Sathyamoorthy 3. Unknown March 21, at Lakshmana March 22, at 8: Unknown March 22, at 9: Unknown March 23, at Unknown March 24, at Unknown March 24, at 6: Unknown April 1, at 5: Unknown March 24, at 8: Selfie Jones March 25, at 7: Unknown April 2, at 8: Unknown March 25, at 7: Unknown March 29, at 8: Unknown March 25, at 8: Sofi March 25, at 9: Unknown March 25, at 6: Anonymous March 25, at Unknown March 26, at 5: Techie Talkie March 27, at 7: Unknown March 26, at 7: Unknown March 26, at 9: Sansa March 26, at 4: Unknown March 26, at Unknown March 27, at 8: Unknown March 28, at 5: