Blues Fake Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. SONG BOOK. Jazz Blues - Fakebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. guitar jazz songs. (Fake Book). The most comprehensive single-volume blues publication ever, with songs spanning the entire history of the genre. Every major blues artist is.

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The Blues Fake Book Pdf

The Blues Fake Book Plastic Comb – June 1, . This item:The Blues Fake Book by Hal Leonard Corp. Plastic Comb Sample Music Notation [29kb PDF]. BOOK OF. BLUES. Instant no-frills arrangements of great blues numbers. * melody line * chords * lyrics * xxsole. That's all there is to it! Just open the book. The Blues Fake Book By Hal Leonard Corp. books for learning jazz books woody mann blues fake book docslide the blues fake book.

You need music to play right? Do you have time to transcribe all your favorite jazz recordings and slowly build a library of your own personalized jazz charts? How can you learn music more quickly without investing hours and hours trying to learn songs of recordings. Enter the fake book! Usually each tune has the basic chords for the song, the melody, the basic form written out. It seems like in the last 10 years the number of fake books on the market has tripled. I think publishers see the increase demand for these books and so they churn them out faster and faster. Avoiding the Garbage Fake Books Now, some of these books are great. They have the correct chords, harmonizations that jazz musicians would actually play, melodies accurately notated, and the books are easy to read.

[PDF] The Blues Fake Book - Free Download PDF

A variant type of fake book contains only the chord progressions to the songs. These books could be used by the rhythm section instruments to guide their improvised accompaniment and by "lead instruments" for their improvised solo sections, but since they do not contain the melody, they can be used in performances only by players who have the melodies memorized. Fake books are commonly used at informal " jam sessions " and at jazz shows at small nightclubs and bars.

History[ edit ] A predecessor to fake books was created in May when George Goodwin, a radio station director, released the first Tune-Dex cards.

The Cuban Fake Book

Printing on 3-byinch 7. For many years the "standard" fake books were called simply "Fake Books". All were composed of songs illegally printed, with no royalties paid to the copyright owners.

In , the FBI 's Cleveland, Ohio, office observed that "practically every professional musician in the country owns at least one of these fake music books as they constitute probably the single most useful document available". The music in Fake Books 1, 2, and 3 was photocopied or reset with a musical typewriter from the melody lines of the original sheet music.

Real books

Usually chord symbols, titles, composer names, and lyrics were typewritten, but for a number of songs these were all photocopied along with the melody line. The chord changes in these books were notoriously inaccurate.

Most of them were based on the guitar and ukulele chords commonly found in earlier sheet music, which often did not include the roots of the harmony. Thus, successfully using the Fake Books required the expertise of jazz musicians and others trained in functional harmony in order to reinterpret the chord symbols.

The three Fake Books were well indexed, alphabetically as well as by musical genre and Broadway show. The music was transcribed by hand from recordings, and each transcription included performer name, record label, and catalog number. This makes it easy to read and play.

Rock and Blues Keyboards

The chords in this book are excellent as well. I suppose it would be nice if the fakebooks were spiral bound but I know that would make the books way more expensive then they are. Pros: This book tends to feature more compositions by jazz composers as opposed to just standard American Songbook type stuff. For that reason I love it.

The lines are written in 4 bar phrases. All in all an excellent fake book.

It was hard to find for a long time. The publishing rights on the songs were eventually secured though and now it is legal and easily downloadd. Pros: Has a large variety of tunes from the first years of jazz. That way you can refer to the same charts as many other musicians. Cons: Although most of the tunes in the book are staple tunes that are called all the time there are some in there that are very obscure.

Translation: They never get called! Most of the book is notated well but there are some mistakes in a few tunes.

This would also be considered an industry standard. Some are the same as the previous book but many are different.

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Cons: Chuck Sher included additional pictures of jazz musicians throughout the book. I personally find it inspirational and kind of cool. I could possibly see some people wanting no pictures and only jazz charts.

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