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Total Gadha's Complete Book of Time Speed and Distance Without Passsword - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Total Gadha Time Speed - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read For an MBA aspirant, a problem on time, speed and distance means solving. 0 82 9 83 8 2 88 3 9 9 2 2 2 9 0 0 3 9 9 2!"#! ' "!'))"# '(' &" * ' ".# # #! ' ".

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Totalgadha Time Speed Distance Pdf

pdf TG-Time-Speed-Distance (Size: MB / Downloads: 3,). Find Thank You very very much for total gadha's book. Find. free ebook, e ebook, java e-book, free ebook, free pdf,networking ebook,system softwre ebook,click here. The books are good but they contain a lot of stuff which is not really required for exams like CAT. The questions mentioned are often harder than the ones that.

This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of 4 pages. You've reached the end of your free preview. Want to read all 4 pages? They should also Itnow that triangle is the most oommon figure they will see in the geometry seotion. Be it a quadrilateral or a hexagon, triangles and their properties will be present in eyery figure. The following properties do not eoyer the similarity oftriangles. B General Properties of Triangles: 1. Answer: Letthe third side he ofzn: om. Therefore, minimum value of :i: is 6.

C riticism is the be st attitude you can ask from anyone e sp whe n you are pre paring for cat. The question goes like this.

Anwar leaves home everyday at 4 p. One day, the school was over at 4 p. Anwar, unaware of this, starts from home as usual and meets his son on the way and returns home with him 15 minutes early.

So sir could you please solve this for me. Anwar m ust have m e t his son at So His son's spe e d is 7. I hope it's corre ct. Total Gadha Show parent Reply The addition m ight be corre ct.. So the tim e tak e n by the boy to trave l is 15 m ins and so the y will m e e t at PM.

Kindly e x plain whe re i am going wrong Show parent Reply Re: Time, Speed and Distance Unplugged by Sride vi S - Thursday, 24 May , AM hai TG, "The tim e s in two case s are ce rtainly not the sam e but for any one of the case s, the tim e tak e n by the train and the cat is e qual, i.

In the C ase 1 the y both trave l towards e ach othe r and in the C ase 2 the y trave l in the sam e dire ction. Three cars started from the same point at the same time in three different directions.

The first two cars move in a straight line in opposite directions. It is noticed that after 2 hours, all the cars are at the same distance from the starting point. If the distance between the two cars which travelled in opposite directions is km, how far from the second car is the third car, given that the distance between the first and the third cars is km? W hich m e ans the cars tak e the m as points should be on an im aginalry circle.

Now you try drawiing a line be twe e n e ve ry two cars. But do not apply re lative spe e d he re. You don't ne e d to apply that. So normal time of travel will be 12t1. R am re ach point B in one hour and Shyam re ach the sam e distance in half an hour with spe e d double d that of R am.

That m e ans Shyam re ache s point B at am and R am at am. So by the tim e Shyam re ache s point B R am had alre ay le ft and also he trave le d for 15 m in.

Now Shyam is at point B. As the tim e tak e n by both of the m is sam e so spe e d is proportional to the distance cove re d. I hope it is cle ar..

O ne que stion I have include d in 'Distance constant' and the othe r in 'Tim e constant' sce nario. Actually i solved the same question wrong in CAT Now after reading your article i am able to solve those question also which i was not able to and even much more faster I Thank You Sir THAT post m ade m y day!

And le t's ge t you your dre am this tim e. I will try my best to never let you down. And sir i have a request please post same kind of article on Function and Allegation and mixture.

Pls consider at the earliest..

Give m e 2 m ore days. Although I want to go as fast as I could, m y classe s at the coaching institute and the affairs of m y own e ducation com pany bare ly le ave m e tim e to write a le sson that can pass m y standards of quality.

Anyhow, will write it today or tom orrow without fail.

TG sir pls e x plain W aiting for C ircular m otion chapte r.. I think I have alre ady solve d that que stion in one of the se posts. And ye s, I re m e m be r the circular m otion le sson totalgadha. Two points A and B are 10 k m away. You do not re quire any e quation for this m e thod e ve n. You do not require any equation for this method even. Good nam e btw.. Two hours late r, anothe r pe rson le ft A for B and arrive d at B at the sam e tim e as the first pe rson.

Had both starte d sim ultane ously from A and B trave lling towards e ach othe r , the y would have m e t in 80 m inute s. How m uch tim e did it tak e the faste r pe rson to trave l from A to B.

Som e one ple ase he lp m e to solve this. Thank s in advance. Le t the total distance be d. The se cond pe rson trave ls d in t m inute s.

Total Gadha's Complete Book of Time Speed and Distance Without Passsword

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Total Gadha -Time and Work

Now Its your turn.. If we all come togethor I can assure this can be of a good place to prepare for CAT Please dont forget these guys are having some wonderful model examinations here for CAT Aspirants at http: I am attached another Princeton Review Question paper at http: Hello Time, speed and distance problems appears to be simple..

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Total Gadha -Time and Work - [PDF Document]

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