okay soo most of these spells are from "Fanpop" or randomly around the internet. blood red, pail skin, moonlight draw me in, quinch my thirsty, coarsing veins, let my body feel no pain. sideffects: headache, fang ache, stomachache, fangs sharper not longer, a wee bit faster, no. Read Vampire Spells from the story Spell Book by serding12 with reads. mermaid, neko, immortal. #1. It has to be either Night or dark. Sit like you are. an easy spell book with many easy spell become a vampire.

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Vampire Spell Book

Read Real Vampire Spell: Chapter Eighty from the story Book of spells [Currently Editing] by hollyemberbvbarmy (Holly) with reads. water, fire, bookofspe. TGS First footage of The Another World [update] | Joystiq Vampire Spells, Vampire Spells, Dracula Castle, Witch Spell, Cthulhu, Book Of Shadows, Larp. This is a old working vampire chant, And a working reverse spell, Works on all spells. this is a vampire spell i had in my spell book, it might not work cause my .

You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document Turn into a vampire spell- Helps you to be a vampire Purpose: This spell will help you to be a vampire, even if its just for a short time. Timing: The time of this spell should be done on a full moon or any night. It is more powerful if it is done on a full moon and night. The time should be 12 midnight. Need: A bed, alone time, and night Instructions: This spell should be done at night always on the time of 12 midnight.

They can also turn you into a vampire that is original or what is called an enhanced original vampire. The fourth being which it can turn you into is what is referred to as an enhanced original vampire. As you may have noticed, these are spells that do things that are not quite ordinary. Where did immortal spells come from? The origin of immortal spells and rituals to become immortal can be traced to one of the most powerful witches ever to walk the surface of the earth: Qetsiyah.

However, legend has it that Qetsiyah would later be tricked by Silas into making a spell that would make him immortal. Once she had done this, he would leave her for the one he truly loved: Amara. They would both become the first people in the world to become immortal. Her name was Ester, and she created this spells to protect her family which she perceived to be under the threat of harmful forces from werewolves.

Immortality spell Latin If you follow the story of how vampires came about, you probably have an idea of how important the goddess of moonlight Selene is in the history of vampires. Some people perceive her to be the mother of all vampires.

Even today, saying bad things about her is frowned upon. With this snippet, I want to introduce a Latin poem which is used to sing her praises. Immortality spell Latin While these poems cannot be seen in the same light as real spells such as immortality spell Wiccans, they are generally perceived to have the same effect. In the Bible used by vampires, there are a number of such spells which are specifically dedicated to the mother of vampires: Selene.

Some people actually say these poems as prayers to Selene asking her to turn those who say them into vampires. Originally, these poems are written in Latin but have since been translated into English. However, I always advise people who want to use these poems as spells to say them in Latin. Ancient spells for immortality When we talk about ancient spells, we are referring to the extremely old supernatural magic that was cast by the very experienced spell casters.

Ancient spells for immortality Another difference between ancient spells and modern spells is that such spells were quite difficult to cast, but the results were almost guaranteed. It works alot. Can be performed indoors or outdoors. Elemental Vampire Spell. This spell will turn you into a vampire as well as having a single element given to you that you will be gifted in. Energy Vampire. FLower of death. Gives you magical powers from Lilith Such as clairvoyance mediumship aura control and absorption.

And the ability to shape shift into a bat or wolf in astral form. Forming into Vampire 1. This is powerful, only for using when you need to.

You must believe or will NOT work Full Immortal Demon Spell. This Spell is used to become a Immortal Demon in trade for your soul to the demon that comes to possess and make you a Immortal Demon. Full Moon Vampire. Get the Power of Jashin. A ritual to invoke the power of Jashin, God of Death. Jashinism Relates back to Ancient Japan where People would kill and store their blood to offer to Jashin. Grow fangs. Hear Me Vampire Mother.

Summons the Mother of Vampires to turn you. She will only turn people that She thinks are good enough for the world or darkness. Good Luck! Holy Vampire Spell. How To Become a Immortal Vampire. How to become a vampire. How to become a Vampire. This spell takes weeks to complete your fang come in 2 weeks you should notice some ups.

How to Become a Vampire. This will list numerous methods of becoming a Vampire, but be sure to know what you are doing and know that you want to be a vampire. You can never change back, and lose all control of your mind, you'll just be bloodthirsty. But if you want to be a vampire, this is for you. How to Call a Vampire. Hybrid Spell. Hybrid spell turn into Vamp and Wolf. Immortality for Vampires. Imortal Spell. Infuse Yourself With Vampyric Energy.

This spell will make you about as close to a vampyre as you can get. This is irreversible! Instant Vampire. Interview with a vampire. Invoking Spade. Katherine Pierce Vampire Spell. This spell will make you a vampire like Katherine Pierce it might work but if it does you will be a vampire when you wake up.

Kethleen's vampire spell with cure. Left Hand Shadow Spell. Magic Candy. Magick and Spell Casting. This is not a spell, but I hope you read this as it is something to help you about spells and something I consider to be important to remember while casting any spell. This is a friendly monologue by m. Make a Friend a Vampire. Metamorphic Vampire Transformation.

Minahime's Vampire Queen Mina Spell. Summon the great Lord Vlad the Impaler or simply Vlad Tepes and call the lost soul of the previous vampire queen Mina. Moon and Star Summon Girl. Morning star Psi-feed. An advanced method of feeding on the chi of multiple targets using an energy construct. Mortal Vampire Spell. New Daywalker Vampire Spell!

Its different from the original daywalker vampire spell, but the goal is to still make a vampire able to walk in the sunlight. New Vampire.

Ode to Selene. Ode to the Vampire Mother. This sends one of the mothers children vampire. To turn you, and initiate you into being a true vampire. Ode To The Vampire Mother. This spell was originally written in Latin but I have the English translation as well. It is best to read aloud both scripts because it's stronger. Official Vampire Spell By Insidious. Orb Vampire. This is a spell where you can be a vampire called and orb vampire. You can have up to 2 powers of your choice.

Pentagram Vampire Spell. Peppermint vampire banishing basic. Got some annoying vamps that just won't stay away and garlic ain't working? Try this simple beauty! Popular Vampire Spell. Psi Vampire. Psychic Vampire. Pure Blood Vampire. Queen of Vampires. Real Vampire. This will make you a vampire over one week but if you do it without a single flaw, only three days. This is permanent. Real Vampire Spell. This spell allows you to curse blood-shot water blood is for a better effect and after the curse you will be able to drink it and gain vampire like powers and effects.

Red Berries Tea to Blood.

The Vampire Lord's Spellbook at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

Turn red berry tea to blood, you can use it for rituals or as a drink. Remove a Pyschic Vampire.

This is basically a spell you use when you feel or know that you are having your life or energy drained away by a Psychic Vampire. Request to Selene. Now, strictly speaking this isn't a "spell", but there is a poem or chant or prayer or whatever you want to call it in the Vampire Bible that seems to be one that is used to "request" a vampire's prese.

Reverse Vampire Curse. This is not my spell but I'm posting here so that many people like want to come back from side effect of this spell. Reverse Your Vampire Curse. Rid Weaknesses. Ritual of Immortality. Warning this is a very dangerous ritual and has a chance of killer you. You do this at your own risk. See If You Are a Vampire.

Shape Shifting. Shifting Help and Methods. Shifting Method. Simple Vampire Spell. This spell is legit and it works really well results are fantastiic. Say this three times bloodred,coarsing veins, please let me feel no pain. This is a pretty simple vampire spell. I'm not sure if it works or not but mail me if it works and let me know If it does not maybe I can find out why it did not work. Soul Consumption. Soul Trap. So you Want to be a Vampire.

Spell to Ward off Psychic Vampires. Summon a Cat Familiar. This spell will help you get a familiar spirit in the form of a cat that only you can see. You can choose every detail about this cat and have a deity bring him or her to life and send him or her to yo.

Summon a Supernaural Being. This spell will summon any of the three supernatural beings listed in the spell. Summon a Vamp. Summon a Vampire. This spell will summon a vampire. It worked for me anyways. This is my first spell so don't hate if it doesn't work. Summon a vampire by: Summon a Vampire Faery. Summon a Werewolf or Vampire. This was a spell I made forever ago.

Warning this spell may summon a hostile werewolf or vampire, on a rare chance perhaps a demon. Sun and Moon Curse. This is a curse based off of the tv show the vampire diaries. If a vampire uses this it allows them to walk in the sun and werewolves are stuck turning every night of a full moon. If werewolves use thi. Sunlight Protection. If you used my mortal vampire spell and it worked and you burn in the sun this spell will hopefully stop you.

Super Speed Spell. The Gilbert Ring. The Hybrid Spell. This spell turns you into a vampire, werewolf hybrid.

Can be done on any moon phase! Youll be both a witch and vampire like from the tv show the vampire diaries. Please Message me if it does work and the side effects plz. The Vampire Glam. The spell will give you looks beyond belief. A human would love to be around you Thy Vampire Spell. Thy Vampire Spell: To Become a Vampire Werewolf Hybrid.

All you need is your voice and to say the incantation and you can become what you want. This spell will work only if you are a vampire. To have a Vampire Dream.

To Make Some Blood. Traditional 'Vampire Becoming' Spell. Traditional Vampire Spell.

This is a traditional vampire spell with all the elements. The elements used to be made by hand but downloading them is the same. Transcended Dhampire Spell. This isn't really a spell but I just wanted to tell you that your belief will become your reality. And it's been proven to. So magic has no limits but it can only do what you believe it can. We can alt. Tried and Tested Vamp Spell.

Top 3 Vampire Spells Online – Find Real Spellcasters

Tested by 5 people. Including me. Worked for all five. If it doesnt work for you, mail me, and I will make you another one. True Blood Inspired Vampire Spell. I made it based off of my new favorite tv show true blood. True Blood Vampire Spell. True Twilight Vampire Spell.

It will turn you into a Twilight vampire just lick in the movies. Really Works. True Vampire spell. This spell allows you to become a true vampire. I am a Vampire myself and it worked for me. Please mail me if it works or not. I don't think you can change back. Turn into a Werewolf. Turn one's self into a vampire.

Turn Others into a Vampire. Turn to a Vampire. Turn yourself into a Vampire. This spell actually works, you will become a vampire 3 days after you do this spell. Turn Yourself into a Vampire. Twilight Vampire. This is a spell to make you become a twilight vampire from the hit movie twilight. Twilight Vampire Spell. Should turn you into a vampire like on twilight.

This is my first spell and I don't know the side effects so please tell me if it works or not and the side effects. You should be a vampire by the next. Unleash your Dark Half. A spell to unbalance your moral compass and make your soul dark. Vamperic Desire. Should turn you into a vampire in three days.

Expect body pains, no hunger, and hyper-activeness. You can become a vampire with the abilities of vanishing, super speed, bat turning, flying, super strength, and you get to choose the last one.

This spell was found in a website called Wattpad. It will turn you into a vampire. This spell is great and it works it only takes 15 minutes to turn you into a vampire. It's my first time making a spell, so don't get mad if it does not work! It is meant to make you a vampire. This will turn you into a vampire. Also your teeth will be stronger so will you be more nature friendly. You will become a vampire. You need to give your soul to Satan.

And also go to hell after death. You would become immortal. Vampire Attributes Ritual. Vampire Blood Bend. This is how to bend someones blood inside their body inexperienced users may cause wierd feelings but experoenced or advanced users can take someones blood and ignite it possibly! Vampire By Night. This should turn you into a noticeable vampire at night, not as noticeable during daylight.

Good luck. Vampire Calling. If you are lucky and this is what you truly want then you will become a vampire over the coarse of the night. Vampire Chant. This is a chant to maybe sell your soul if you are deemed worthy by Selene the Goddess of The Moon, and Hades the God of the Underworld.

Vampire Charm. The poem itself is in Latin, with a translation into English following.

Also read: A SPELL BOOK

If anyone were going to use this as a sort of spell to become a vampire, it would be best to read aloud the Latin version I would. Vampire Curse.

The Vampires Spell

Vampire Curse Reverse. Vampire Diaries Hybrid. Vampire Diaries Vampire Spell. Become a Vampire, Like the ones off the Vampire diaries. If it works for anyone please email me with the side effects. Vampire Enix Spell. Vampire Flame. Vampire Highbrid. This is a spell you can use if you wish to become a vampire but don't want to have troubling weaknesses like sunlight and garlic. It worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

Vampire Insight. Vampire Instantly. Vampire Nectar. Vampire No More. This takes you away of the disease of vampirism. You will NO longer be a vampire.