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This national bestseller exploring the complex emotional lives of animals was hailed as "a masterpiece" by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and as "marvelous". 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Jan 1, , William C McGrew and others published Review of When Elephants Weep, by J. Masson & S. McCarthy. [DOWNLOAD] When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff. Masson, Susan McCarthy. Book file PDF easily for everyone and.

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For over years a chasm has separated animal lovers - who know that their dog, cat, horse, or parrot have complex emotional lives - and scientists, to whom attributing any emotions to animals has been equivalent to heresy. And while a groundswell among a new generation of scientists has begun chipping away at this traditional taboo, and animal lovers eagerly consume whatever they can find about the subject, no one book has yet gathered all the available information into an engaging and authoritative portrait of animals emotional lives. Not, that is, until now. With chapters on love, joy, anger, fear, shame, compassion, and loneliness, all framed by a provocative reevaluation of how we treat animals, When Elephants Weep is the first book since Darwin's time to explore the full range of emotions throughout the animal kingdom, and it features a cast of hundreds. Meet Siri, the Indian elephant, whose impressive sketches have been praised by artists Willem and Elaine de Kooning. Meet Koko, a bashful gorilla proficient ins sign language who loves to play house with dolls-but only when no one is looking - and Michael, another signing gorilla, who cannot be disturbed whenever Pavarotti sings on television.

Mar 28, Karyn Schwitters rated it it was amazing. This book revolutionized the way I saw animals. I think it is the responsibility of every human to make themselves aware of the capacity of animals' to love, grieve, play, and ponder.

May 22, Jennifer rated it it was ok. Kind of obvious stuff about animals. Nov 16, Abby Kennedy rated it really liked it. The book contains many incredible accounts of animals displaying their emotions which gives the reader insight into their fascinating world. This book is written more like a textbook with no plot structure. It is written with specific headings and multiple topics. A few of these topics include the areas of fear, rage, dominance, cruelty, beauty, and shame, as well as grief.

Although this structure may seem odd for a novel, it functions well for this book because it helps the reader better digest the broad topics presented by the author. The overall theme of this novel is that animals are more complex than the scientific world is willing to recognize, but understanding their ability to express emotion will lead to humans treating them more fairly. When Elephants Weep I found the author's bias toward animal welfare influenced the conclusions reached in the text.

The author is not shy about expressing his strong opinions even though, he is writing a scientific novel. In addition, the author uses diction to add meaning to his book. He used strong words that efficiently and clearly got his point across and in this way enhanced my understanding.

I loved this book because it changed my way of thinking. The novel shed light on animals' emotions in connection to humans and made me more observant of human behavior.

The author discusses what constitutes certain emotions such as love, fear, and jealousy, and why animals feel them. This made me question what constitutes certain emotions and distinguishes them from others. In addition, it made me more observant towards my own pets: I am able to recognize certain behaviors as an expression of their emotions.

Another interesting part about this book is the specific stories that Masson uses. The stories had the power to make me empathize with the animal furthering his argument. It is also important to note that Masson takes stories from many different places around the world as well as across many species to show the universality of his argument.

This gave me a sense that the author was extremely credible because of the many acclaimed scientists that his research comes from. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to readers that have a deep interest in animal science. I myself am captivated by animal behavior and am even looking to become a veterinarian one day, so this subject matter interested me. However, some of my classmates, who were animal lovers but not interested in animal science, did not find it an enjoyable read.

At some points, the book could be slightly difficult to follow as well as repetitive because it has no plot. However, if you can get though the tough parts, this book has the potential to enlighten your understanding of animals and their world.

This novel also opens the door for future research. It has the potential to lay the foundation for the next major breakthrough in animal behavioral science. This makes the novel even more compelling because of the potential it has to influence generations to come. Nov 15, Anna rated it really liked it. When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson Review by Anna Dicranian This book was a fact-packed read filled with insight on animal behavior and feelings from scientists, and the author himself.

When Elephants Weep

Although there was repetition of the main findings, I learned a multitude of new information on animal communication and forms of expression.

Even though many people believe we are superior based on our ability to talk to each other, these scientists can immediately counter that statement by showing only a few of the many ways and instances that these observed creatures find methods to show their feelings and concern for one another. Attempting to find a bias in this book proved rather difficult, as the author made sure to simply state facts backed with evidence that the reader could not turn down.

However, this book as a whole was geared towards the general belief that animals do, in fact, feel and sense emotions. The reoccurring idea in this book consists of the evaluation of expression of feelings such as joy, anger, fear, and compassion, offering proof of the existence of these emotions within all animals.

Furthermore, this affects our view on hunting and domestication, along with deciding where to draw the line on which animals we volunteer for scientific experiments. The introduction of named, documented animals with intricate friendships, opinions, personalities, and preferences begin to shape in our minds a powerful sense of understandable and similar lives to all people. So much so, that the only pertaining characteristic of humans that is not shared with all these creatures is the ability of speech as we know it.

Although, within species, animals have certain calls and actions that they each understand and respond to, but we cannot as humans. Throughout all of When Elephants Weep, scientific studies and ethnologists were referred to and quoted, entrusting the author and resulting in the reader realizing they are agreeing with him, whether or not they started out that way. This is partly due to emotions such as depression, hopefulness, and anxiety that are felt deeply, but hardly expressed on the outside.

I felt this book held a powerful argument for animal sensibility, and greatly altered the way I viewed animals, especially as a pet owner. Understanding the reality of unique character within animals helped to analyze deeper why they do what they do, more than just what they are doing.

What Others Have Said. Nov 14, Trinity Johnson rated it it was amazing. Masson does an excellent job of highlighting these traits that are present in both animals and humans alike: He is equally able to bring to light the tendency of humanity to denigrate and devalue the emotive qualities animals often display. When Elephants Weep by Masson and McCarthy is a nonfiction novel that dabbles in the frequently debated, or ignored, question of whether or not animals have emotions.

From a wide variety of credible scientists, Masson locates stories and places where animals have expression the basic emotions of love, hate, shame, or even jealousy. Jeffrey Masson on the Emotional Lives of Animals He spans over all varieties of animals; from elephants to lemurs, dogs to monkeys, birds to lions. And in each chapter, and sub category of each chapter, Masson repeats the same rhetorical mantra of why humans continue to ignore the obvious in the evidence that he really the animals themselves provide.

When reading, I was able to find a connection between what was said in this book, to another book called Flowers for Algernon.

Upon reading this, I thought to the main character in Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordon, who before partaking in a science program that enhanced his intellect, was a man picked on, gibed at, and mocked for his speech impediment and learning disability.

As he became smarter through the program however, he began to lose the sympathetic and emotive nature that he had once before. This connection helped make clearer the point that Masson had pointed out about human behavior and nature: This can even go to say for humans who have learning disabilities, as sorry as that is to hear. This theme of human hubris is constantly demonstrated throughout the book; in every chapter, tied to every piece of evidence.

I felt that Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson did an amazing job at highlighting the different complexities of animal emotion as opposed to its human counterpart. In doing so, he also made it very clear to me how flawed our race is. See a Problem? The change in perspective, and being able to see this seemingly hidden characteristic of animals really made me love this book.

Nov 16, Andrew Sarr rated it liked it. Andrew Sarr I disliked the book When Elephants Weep, because when the book explains how animals could have emotions based on their behavior and actions, the book has bias towards animals having emotions and the book presents information in a very boring way.

The book When Elephants Weep by Jeffery Moussaaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy includes multiple examples of animals behaving in ways that can be perceived as them having emotions. The authors include research from educated scientists and their Andrew Sarr I disliked the book When Elephants Weep, because when the book explains how animals could have emotions based on their behavior and actions, the book has bias towards animals having emotions and the book presents information in a very boring way.

The authors include research from educated scientists and their own personal experiences with animals.

When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson | Books

The authors use examples form multiple zoos and wild life animals. I liked how the authors included many examples to prove their point that animals have emotions and feelings. The authors have the bias that animals have emotions and feeling because they use very little examples of why animals could not have emotions.

I feel that the bias ruined the book because it did not show the their side of the argument. Although the authors include bias, the authors appeal to logos and provides logic behind most examples they give to support animals having emotions.

The authors do not use many unknown words that are necessary for the understanding of he text.

What Others Have Said

The word choice of the author makes it so many people of any reading level can understand the book. Lastly, the authors make it easy for the reader connect if the ready likes animals or has pets. I enjoyed this aspect of the book because I like animals and and have my own pet dog. The theme of the book is the argument that animals do have emotions and feelings based on the authors bias and given examples.

Jun 29, Kusaimamekirai rated it really liked it. I quite liked this book that, while probably a bit dated having been written more than twenty years ago, makes a strong argument for animals sharing many of the same emotional highs and lows of humans.

When Elephants Weep

While the book is highly readable and often fascinating, I was slightly disappointed at the brevity of the examples he uses. They are numerous in each I quite liked this book that, while probably a bit dated having been written more than twenty years ago, makes a strong argument for animals sharing many of the same emotional highs and lows of humans.

These stories beg to be expanded but perhaps this was simply outside the scope of the book. Dec 15, Nathan Kolb rated it liked it.

This means it does not make for a good and enjoyable read for entertainment. Science Psychology Category: Science Psychology. Paperback —. download the Ebook: Add to Cart. About When Elephants Weep This national bestseller exploring the complex emotional lives of animals was hailed as "a masterpiece" by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and as "marvelous" by Jane Goodall.

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