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In this fifth and final (I swear!) audiobook in my saga of secrets, a class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous, or perhaps deadly—and I don't mean in the bored-to-death way—when Cass accidentally breaks a finger off a priceless mummy. Forced to atone for. You Have to Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch (SAMPLE) - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. A class trip to the local natural history. You Have to Stop This: Includes a Bonus Pdf: Pseudonymous Bosch, Robert Petkoff, Joshua Swanson, Cassandra Morris, Bryan Kennedy:

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You Have To Stop This Pseudonymous Bosch Pdf

You Have to Stop This Lib/E (Secret (Pseudonymous Bosch)) You Have to Stop This: Includes a Bonus Pdf (Secret (Pseudonymous Bosch)). Bosch. Автор: Bosch Pseudonymous, Книга: The Name of This Book Is Secret, Серия: I don't know if you've ever had an idea before, but, if you have, you know how .. “Just one more,” said Cass, picking up a vial from the end of the second row. Автор: Bosch Pseudonymous, Книга: This Book Is Not Good for You, Серия: Secret, “Maybe they've been waiting all this time for your grandfathers to leave, ”.

Plot[ edit ] The story begins with a picture of The Oath of Terces. There is a quick preface concerning an ibis bird that stands for a moment, but then crosses the River Nile. Then the story moves to an event happening at more or less the same moment. An innocent man is being executed moments after inscribing a fateful secret on a piece of papyrus in hieroglyphics. The story then moves forward in time with Cass and Max-Ernest heading to a garage sale Larry and Wayne are having. Cass confides to Max-Ernest that she hid the Jester's trunk in a pit behind the firehouse. They dug it out, open it, and discover that it contains a blue ring with a picture of an ibis and a scrap of linen. She discovers that they contain hieroglyphics meaning either "because what Ibis" or "because what Thoth". In the next chapter, Cass and Max-Ernest are on a bus, with Yo-Yoji, discussing their field trip to the Egyptian section of the museum with classmates, Glob and Danielle who is only known for his dreadlocks, but wishes to find a "thing" something he is known for. They meet Danielle's father, Albert 3D cause he has 3 degrees in different subjects who shows them a handsome mummy who was executed for some strange reason. Cass reasons that it is the physician from hundreds of years ago, who was executed because of discovering The Secret. Cass, Yo-Yoji and Max decide to hang back and examine the mummy. She notices that the blue ring that she found in the Jester's trunk matches an imprint on the mummy's finger. Principal Johnson startles Cass when she scolds them for not staying with the group. Cass's jacket gets caught on the finger and she accidentally breaks it off.

And she asks the mummy this question. The fact that The Secret that Terces society were protecting for years was a joke, is too much for Cass to handle, and for the first time in her life, she faints.

When she wakes up, Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji are crouched over her. After finding out she is okay, Max-Ernest realizes that they need some means of escape. He charms the crowd, and runs out of the theater and meets a so-called cult that consists of people who claim to be the priests of Amun.

They reveal themselves to be the members of the Terces Society. Cass and Yo-Yoji are already riding with them. When the trio return home, they are treated as heroes. Everyone they know, including Albert 3D and Daniel-not-Danielle. Albert and Cass's mother seem to be hitting it off and getting closer. Even Ms. Johnson welcomes them and gives them the Tuning Fork.

You Have to Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch (SAMPLE)

Later, Cass confides in Pietro about the secret, who explains that the real secret is "The Other Side". He also explains that his brother died that morning. When Cass goes into his trailer again, he has disappeared. The story then moves to graduation, where Max-Ernest gives a speech, and makes everyone cry. Cass and Yo-Yoji are very proud of what their friend had said and the trio smiles to each other.

Then, Cass and Yo-Yoji's hands brush against each other, and Cass is turned out to be both shocked and shy when she finds their pinkies interlocked, indicating some sort of romance between Cass and Yo-Yoji. The story ends, as the entire auditorium begins to clap and Amber quietly exits the edge of the bleachers.

No one especially her parents notice her get into a limousine with Ms. Mauvais and drive slowly into the sunset, in search of a never setting sun. The epilogue reveals Mr. Bosch to be Max-Ernest. He does not reveal what happens to Cass or Yo Yoji, or anyone else. He says that the Secret itself is a secret that opens up more secrets and warns the reader not to let anyone give away the ending.

Characters[ edit ] Cassandra - She is a survivalist, she always comes prepared with all of her supplies in her backpack. She is also a member of the secret Terces Society. She has had her heart set on figuring out a secret that was known only by a certain pharaoh and his advisor, known to them as Dr. Max Ernest - Cass's friend, and a member of the Terces Society as well. He is very smart, and loves jokes. Sometimes his friends get annoyed from his pointless rants. Does not understand sarcastic remarks very well.

He has a talent in playing guitar and helps find Mr. Cabbage Face on their mission from Pietro.

Daniel-Not-Danielle - One of the friends of the protagonists. His name is usually mispronounced by people, which he keeps correcting. Glob - He is one of Cass's and Max-Ernest's friends who likes to write blogs. Owen - He is an important member of the Terces Society. He is an expert in disguises and helps Cass and Max-Ernest almost at all times. Pietro Bergamo - Head of the Terces Society. His sole goal is to stop the Midnight Sun's actions. Apart from being the leader he is also a magician.

Pietro is Luciano's brother. Johnson - Principal of Cass and Max Ernest. Albert 3-D Dr. Ndefdo - A Nigerian scholar of archeology. Begins a romantic relationship with Melanie, Cass's adoptive mom. His son is Daniel-Not-Danielle. Luciano Bergamo - Head of the notorious Midnight Sun, a group of alchemists determined to find the Secret.

Also Pietro Bergamo's twin brother. He kills himself by stopping drinking the elixirs provided by the Midnight Sun.

He then turns old and visits Pietro before he died. He proved that he was on the Terces side by doing this Amber - popular girl that works for the Midnight Sun Lord Pharaoh - founder of the Midnight Sun. His ultimate aim is to find the secret and gain immortal life. Pseudonymous Bosch - minor in one part that is not part of book he also is addicted to chocolate.

However there are several clues previous to this suggesting that they were the same person. Mauvais - Part of the Midnight Sun, always wears white gloves to hide her aged hands. She is behind all the evil plans and wants to be forever young. Grandpas Larry and Wayne - These two men are Cass's adoptive grandparents. I'll stop.

But you better stop stealing my chocolate No, I'm not going to tell you the Secret. One thing I can say is that opinion on the Secret is divided. Some folks were disappointed with the Secret, others weren't.

Humor Book Review: You Have to Stop This (The Secret Series) by Pseudonymous Bosch

I'm of the latter. Honestly, I fully expected to never get the Secret. I fully expected the Secret to have been ripped out of the book by Bosch. I also read A Series of Unfortunate Events and was extremely let down by the fact that I got absolutely no answers, just a lead-up to answers.

So, I was already on guard and you know what? I am satisfied. I actually think it's kind of funny and completely fits the tone of the series. Also, there were many other things that were answered that had nothing to do with the big Secret because there were other things that were more important. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this series and maybe one day I'll have to reread them when I want to read some fun middle-grade books. I don't know if I'll read the author's other series because I'm not sure how he will translate to another series, but maybe I'll pick it up one day.

Oder an einen noch viel seltsameren Ort …? Auch Erwachsenen bietet es gute Unterhaltung. Apr 17, Alyssa rated it it was amazing. I can't believe I finished this series!

I feel empty inside! I found out the secret and learned about an interesting and thrilling adventure. I wish I could read and experience this book for the first time again.

I suggest if anyone likes mysteries and fun stories, to read this series. I finished all 5 books in about 3 months! That's not normal for me but I really couldn't put these books down. Some nights I would intend to read for about 20 minutes and end up reading for an hour.

I would just g I can't believe I finished this series! I would just get lost and couldn't stop myself. It is said to have this series end but I hope I find another book or books that are just as good! Sep 28, Chloe darren criss crossed XD rated it it was amazing. I had been anxiously waiting for this book, to find the secret, who PB is, what will happen to the midnight sun, and was taken by surprise when it came out. I had preordered this on my Kindle and one day I turned on my Kindle and there it was!

Usually I reread a series before reading the new installment, but honestly, I couldnt resist starting it the moment I saw it. And let me tell you, it did not dissapoint. The book opens to Cass and Max Ernest walking to the fire house and thats when you get I had been anxiously waiting for this book, to find the secret, who PB is, what will happen to the midnight sun, and was taken by surprise when it came out. The book opens to Cass and Max Ernest walking to the fire house and thats when you get to the first surprise of the book: Her grandpas are having a garage sale Cass remembers that the Jesters chest was in the firehouse so she quickly scrambles around boxes and boxes of stuff to find it.

She gets it safely home thank goodness. This book focuses on Ancient Egypt, the home town of the Secret. Between mummies, museums, magic, and the Midnight Sun "holy alliteration! There is even romance and some tears when you say goodbye to Max-Ernest, Cass, and Yo-Yoji for the last time during their middle school graduation.

And if Max Ernests garduation speech doesnt make you cry, I dont know what will. So all in all this was a perfect final installment, especially when you find out who PB is it was exactly who I thought it was! Nov 01, Eugene S. Cass is a secret keeper. She must learn the Secret and not let anyone else know about it. But the evil Lord Pharoah wants to learn the Secret before Cass does.

In the story, there is a stolen mummy, an evil brother who dies, and some scary dancers. At the end of the book, Cass figures out that the all powerful Secret is just a silly joke. The Secret is Why did the ibis cross the road. The answer was to get to the other side. I liked this book becuase it was about a girl who who has done a hard work trying to learn a secret but she figures out that it was a joke. In the end of the book it says that Cass told Max-Ernest, one of her friends, the secret.

She told him the secret becuase she thought that the Secret was just a little riddle. I don't think Cass made the right decision becuase that might do something bad to her. She was supposed to not tell anyone about the secret. Sep 20, Alyssa rated it it was amazing. This book was amazing. Bosch had told us a little more about the main character's future.

But the ending was really awesome. It made me laugh just like the books before it. I loved it! This is one of my favorite series and This book was amazing. I will miss this series now that it is finally over. I'd tell you the plot but I don't want to ruin it for you. I really loved this book! I will leave you with these parting words though: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Book: The Name of This Book Is Secret

View all 4 comments. Apr 16, Rashika is tired rated it really liked it Shelves: Not everything about this series is perfect but it's funny, full of mystery and narrated by fantastical narrator who really loves his chocolate. May 12, Sydney M is currently reading it.

I cant wait for this book to come out does any body have any idea about the actual date this comes out!!!!! The fourth book was a total cliffhanger so i need the fifth. View all 5 comments. I really enjoyed this book. I just wish there was a better ending. Jan 15, Jack Carl rated it it was amazing.

This book was wonderful and made me wish there were more books like this. This book is realistic because it is set in the present world and there is no advanced or future technology.

This author writes this book in a fantastic way which makes you laugh while you eyes are glued to the page. I would say 8, 9 and 10 year olds would absolutely love this book. The humor, action scenes and overall excellent plot would appeal to this age range. This book revolves around Cass, Max Ernest and Yo Yoji and their adventures trying to escape from the Midnight Sun and them trying to prove their innocence after being framed.

The book takes place mostly in a museum and a casino in a pyramid. While in the museum the characters climb into a coffin headed for a place where they suspect the stolen items might be.

When they arrive to their suspected place they find themselves next to a pyramid which turns out to be a casino. When they are in the casino, they find the founder of the Midnight Sun society performing magic tricks. When they try to rush the founder, he traps them and makes Cass do a deadly magic trick, which can kill! Cass narrowly escapes and while they fight, Max Ernest calms the crowd with uncanny jokes which the crowd likes. I loved the characters because of their wittiness, smarts and pure instincts which get them out of tough positions and give you a laugh while reading.

I like Max Ernest the most because of his jokes and his ability to distract people. Sometimes he just blurts out random facts of information which can be quite funny from time to time. The theme of this book is friendship. Cass and Max start out as loners because Cass is bossy and a survivalist and Max has anxiety issues and a disease no one knows how to cure.

However, in the end they are very good friends and would risk their lives for each other. The author did a great job describing the book. He made the pages come to life on my mental canvas.. He described very small details which helped us paint a part of the the picture and he described the big things which gave us a big huge chunk of the picture. The author uses a writing style like nothing else, the writing style is so fantastic!

You just can't get over the book even after you've read it like me. The words he uses, how he interrupts the book with his own experiences and drama, and the humor are just the best!

Dec 01, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: You Have to Stop This , in comparison to the other books in the Secret Series , seems to be a bit toned-down and mellow.

There are still plenty of cheeky footnotes, gimmicks, and meta asides, but maybe once or twice per chapter, instead of in every page. As for the Secret itself, slight spoiler it's very philosophical and not some kind of thing like, mix eight parts melted gold with two parts blood of an i You Have to Stop This , in comparison to the other books in the Secret Series , seems to be a bit toned-down and mellow.

As for the Secret itself, slight spoiler it's very philosophical and not some kind of thing like, mix eight parts melted gold with two parts blood of an ibis, etc. It does feel very wrapped up, and not in that I-have-to-tell-you-every-single-thing-that-happened-in-the-characters'-lives-way. Also, curiously, there's not a lot of Ms. Mauvais, the series' villain, other than a flash of blonde. As punishment, they are made to work at the museum helping Albert 3-D so named for his 3 degrees in archaeology, paleontology, and Egyptology work with the mummy.

On their watch, the mummy goes missing, and they are blamed. The kids set off to find out what happened to the mummy, but they may be set up for a trap One thing that I like, but could be perceived as a negative, is that this book isn't really a standalone, like the others in the series are. That is, there is no explanation of who Lord Pharaoh, the Jester, Senor Hugo, or other past characters are, although they are referenced throughout.

Book: This Book Is Not Good for You

However, it keeps the book really focused--after all, we have a Secret to uncover! As far as the series itself, the Secret Series is one of the best middle-grade series I've read recently. It has great kid appeal and a good mix of appealing to smart kids lots of references to things you'll immediately want to look up like hieroglyphics and supertasters and reluctant readers the frenetic energy and snarky humor.

Great to read aloud to, say, a sixth-grade class. Grades Oct 23, Rosekday rated it did not like it. One word. I really hate that feeling when you finish reading an entire series. You just feel so broken and lost. Well, let's start this review.

When I began reading it, I knew I won't be disappointed. And turns out, I wasn't. Or at least wasn't that disappointed. Cass was a bit annoying for me, at the beginning. She was acting like a brat. And she acted selfish when she didn't want Max-Ernest to know about the trunk. Or anything about the Secret. But as the story goes on, I understood h One word. But as the story goes on, I understood her feelings. She was the Secret Keeper, anyway.

Now, now, let's move on to Max-Ernest. Max-Ernest a. He was still the same old M. E I knew. I liked how he was always there for his friends, and how he was always ready to help them. It was easy, the chocolates are my best proof. I really liked his speech at the end.

I liked how he didn't start it with a horrible joke. As for Yo-Yoji, I always had this teensy crush on him since the second book. But I didn't like the idea of him and Cass together. Please don't shoot me for saying that. I don't hate Yo-Yoji, I love him, in fact. I just don't like them together. I always expected Cass and Max-Ernest would end up together.

When they were at the theater and Lord Pharaoh revealed himself, Cass grabbed Max-Ernest hand, didn't she? Why didn't she grab Yo-Yoji's hand instead? I'm sort of confused regarding that topic but whatever. Sorry, I can't tell anything about the Secret. A Midnight Sun member could be reading this right now. Mar 12, Anne-Marie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: All you peeps: This book was kind of a disappointment because all the other ones leading up to it were so good and this one was just KIND OF good.

There was so much build up to the discovery of this secret that I think it's impossible to not disappoint everyone with what the secret actually is. The secret was much more alluring when I didn't know what it was. Also, you find out who the author is or SAYS he is. I'm just assuming that it's a boy because in This book was kind of a disappointment because all the other ones leading up to it were so good and this one was just KIND OF good.

BUT that could be a hoax. I dunno. Kind of anti-climactic. Anyways, in all I think that the author just built up so much hubbub around all the things that would finally be revealed in this last installment that it was impossible for him to actually achieve a satisfying ending Despite this dismal report I've given so far, it was actually a pretty good book despite its low points.

It was just as funny as before! In the middle of the book, the author interrupted everything to have a fire drill. It was pretty epic. It was also filled with the author's amazing, pointless footnotes.

The drawings in the book remind me of Yasmin's cartoon people: Luckily, the author's phobia of drowning in a jar of mayonnaise never became a reality and everything ended well. Apr 08, Carson rated it did not like it.

My birthday is coming up soon. I've decided not to play any video games for the day. Instead, I focused on writing this review to show how really disappointed I am that this is the last book. I'm feeling lazy, so I won't lay down the whole story of the book like I did in Book Two, instead I will offer a small sypnosis: After Cass accidentally breaks the finger off a mummy, she and her friends get in some deep poop and are faced with the threat of expulsion and not to mention lack of graduation.

A My birthday is coming up soon. And then they get carted off to Vegas, where they must defeat? Lord Pharaoh once and for all. For starters, this sounds like the plot to a low-budget, episodic, obscure Canadian cartoon. Breaking a finger off a mummy for the finale? What, are you doing the whole syndicated Disney Afternoon romp here although I'd much rather be looking at that?

Lord Pharaoh and the mummy are the two villains this time around, and Ms. Mauvais and Dr. L take backseats. Daisy makes a painfully pathetic cameo here. But this is clearly Lord Pharaoh's show. Once in the book, Dr. L goes on and on about how Lord Phraraoh will basically take over the world and all who inhabit it if he gets the mummy's finger, and how he will make the world do his bidding, and it's really obvious that he won't achieve his goal, especially since it's the last book.

But I suppose it would be interesting to see just how the antagonist fails. For some reason, this is the shortest book out of them all, which is disappointing. But despite that, the book is very sluggish in its pacing most of the time, and the expedition the kids take doesn't feel like all that much of an adventure. But again, I must complain and say something that I've been saying for the past three or so books: These three kids are not friends.

Just because they sit together in class and at lunch does not mean they like each other. Cass and Yoji unleash about I remember one scene where Yoji tells ME that he's not cool, like he knows what's "cool" and what's not. But Yoji is simply a teasing jerk jock stereotype, so he never made me as angry as Cass did, who is so narcissistic in this book that it hurts.

I have no reason to like or care about this poor excuse for a character. Her only personality is to be bossy and self-aggrandizing to the point where it makes me want to strangle her. I hate Yoji, sure, but Cass takes the freaking cake. And again, these characters are not developed. We still get jokes about how Max-Ernest talks too much and isn't popular, and he suffers quite a bit of pratfalls in this book that the prose makes fun of for some reason.

Max-Ernest is the same person he was in the first book, just without the magical weirdness that made him so charismatic. There's this one scene where Daniel-not-Danielle is watching the kids defend themselves after they get in trouble with his father for the whole finger ordeal which says, and I quote, "Max-Ernest never knew when not to talk" and then the chapter begins listing the traits of the three characters.

Cass is resourceful and a survivalist, blah blah blah, Yoji is the "cool guy" with the sneakers, yada yada, but Max-Ernest is only noted for his obsession with magic and his nonstop talking and it makes me wonder why he's even there anymore. I love him, really, but he contributes nothing to the team besides being the emotional punching bag and stress dispenser of his "friends". He is not useful to this team in any way, and he isn't treated as being useful, either what's the point of helping your friends solve riddles if they're just going to get mad at you when you get the answer before they do?

I wish his dysfunctional and highly uncomfortably argumentative parents would instead be supportive, ditzy and loving aunts from whom he'd inherited his love of magic from to act as foils to Cass's grandfathers and give a little more intrigue to the narrative. Or maybe a fourth team member who admires him in some way. Max-Ernest suddenly gets ditzy in the end for no reason other than to be called a "blind idiot" by some douche, and to be embarrassed in front of Owen and his friends when he thinks Owen is the Midnight Sun.

Just another display of cheap "humor". Overly long rant aside, the climax is the weakest thing in this book. Lord Pharaoh somehow perfected Hugo's chocolate which he for some reason left out in the open yeah, because we needed to hit ALL the stereotypes ever to exist in this series, relentless villain stupidity included they make Lord Pharaoh eat it, bam, he's defeated.

I won't spoil the Secret, but I will say that I threw my book at the wall when I found out what it was. The series comes to an end here and does NOT go out with a bang. It's time for me to explain Max-Ernest's entire character! He's Pseudonymous Bosch. Yes, really. He's literally a self-insert. This explains all his bad luck throughout the series and him always being insulted and put down and never supported.

Pseudonymous Bosch went off on rambles in this book and had a lot of self-depreciation, and one scene even says it's the height of comedy.

This explains everything about his circumstances! How could I have been so blind? I still really don't like Max-Ernest's bad luck. I just understand it now. The first book was the best one, and after that things just went downhill. The characters did not develop or grow in anyway, the plots aren't all that interesting.

And that's all I have to say. Sep 28, Nadya rated it it was amazing. When I saw the book, I thought, "maybe this book is too kiddish now". I finish it that same night. Which was about an hour ago. The storyline is also quite interesting.

Mummies, Lord Pharaoh, Midnight Sun, etc, etc. Personally, I think it doesn't have the most intriguing plot in the series. It's st When I saw the book, I thought, "maybe this book is too kiddish now". It's still brilliant, just not the best. Spoilers next I expected to know the secret, the identity of PB, and everyone's endings.

But then what PB wrote as an ending was even better. He gave it all up to us. He let us decide. At first I was very annoyed. But as it sank in, I realized that the ending could be anything I want.

And let's face it, no matter how happy the ending is, it leaves a sort of emptiness because your goal is to know the end.

Once you know it, you have no more purpose. So this is a book that I'm gonna remember for a long time. The book that let my imagination run free. One that has a million different endings. Or rather, one that doesn't end. Sep 21, sashaf rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a book I wanted to finish badly. It was a book that had such good details and storyline I couldn't put it down. At the end of this book I was going to find out the Secret. The secret that the books are all based around.

Throughout the book I got bored. I wasn't finding any connections between me and the characters except Cassandra's taste for adventure. Otherwise I wasn't connecting with the characters as I usually find in the books I usually read. I had many ideas throughout the book a This was a book I wanted to finish badly. I had many ideas throughout the book about what the characters might end up doing.

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